how long to get to selection

hi, im wanting to join 299 engineers, how long does it take to get to selection as the upper age limit is 37 and im 37 in may, do I need to be in phase 1 training before my 37th cheers
Ok good luck with it what unit are you wanting to join? Im a self employed bricklayer so I shouldn't have any problems with any checks and I have no Criminal record cheers


Cheers for the reply. How long did it take you to get in phase 1 from selection?

I applied over a year ago, completed and passed ADSC roughly 4 months ago and I have still not started my Alpha course. This is due to my pre-employment checks (waiting on 1 reference coming through, bloody women), I have been fairly organised and completed every stage as soon as I could but some things are just out of your hands.
That's a long time to wait! Ive got my first interview with the unit on monday so i should find out more then. Ive been self employed for 14 years so I shouldn't have any problems with employment checks


Pretty sure you have to do the BARB and technical selection test, but you might be excused from the English and Maths if you already have the GCSE/Level 2 qualifications.

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Also they grade you in 2 levels if you have GCSE's
A-C = level 1
C-G =level 2

Other way round A-C is Level 2 and D-G is level 1. Below that you have EL3, EL2 and EL1. To join the Regulars you must achieve at least EL2 and for Reserves EL3 (unless trade requirements are higher ie GCSE x 5 C for nurse). Reserves need higher than Regs for certain jobs (Infantry for example) due to not having daily access to an ALC.

There again there are jobs that Regs require GCSE's for but Reserves require just EL3. VM in the REME for example. The job spec for Reserves states that no GCSE's are required which is correct but you must achieve EL3 to join the Reserves as previously said.

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