how long to get in?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by IMMACHEAD, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Im in process of joining RAF, started application on 15th dec, been told should be on TG(basic) august if lucky, thinking of changing to army How long does it roughly take to get in ?
  2. You won't. We don't like 'sloppy seconds'.
  3. Three to six months to get to ADSC then it depends on your job choice!
  4. i started my application for army in october i have pre-adsc on 19th if i pass that i`ll be on the next selection course. then theres around 1-2 month wait for basic to start so i heard. so yeh your looking at 6 months. end of the day you dont moan about the ammount of time you have to suck it up and hit the roads/gym as much as possible before when you come to basic and people are blowing out there arse because they were slackers and didnt train after passing selection you`ll run by them smiling.
  5. I started my application back in June but I got deferred.

    I'm also doing pre-selection on the 19th in Leicester.
  6. Well i started my application process on the 22nd Jan and passed my BARB today.
    Got my fitness on the 20th Jan, so less than a month for a date for ADSC, if they give it to you after your fitness test, so its going really quick for me, the only thing slowing me down is my medical :x

    I might just be one of the lucky ones :p

  7. heres a quick summary of my app so far

    2nd jan - 1st chat

    10th jan - application form given in, medical forms given in to dr

    2nd feb - interviews

    25th feb - selection date
  8. thats quick, what are u going in as?
  9. smiley i have pre selection on 19th !!! in leicester aswell....i aint had any info about it though...
  10. I passed selection on the 28th jan, I got offered a place to start training at pirbright on 22nd june... joining the Royal Artillery. It's a fair old wait, i tried to change to infantry and that was chockablock aswell.
  11. have you signed your army contract yet and taken the oath ?
  12. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Have a look at the thread 'where are you with your application process'.
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