How long to catch up with regulars???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Not a TA vrs Reg thread, just curious how long it takes a TA soldier to get to an equivalent level as a regular?

    During the cold war I'd read it took a TA about a week to come to acceptable TA standards. I used to be amazed seeing the improvements my section would make during the first week of camp, my old mortar section constantly performed poorly during the first few days but by the Wed/Thurs they were supporting Bn's on live firing ranges to a high standard (have seen similar with RSigs but not as obvious).

    Obviously its not the same TA anymore, people now do tours/join TA for different reasons. Does this hinder or enhance a TA units capability. Looking back at past mobilisations the TA was a very different organisation in WW1/2 and it appears many of these 'volunteer' units out performed other units after a year or two.

    Or brought more upto date, how long does it take to get TA to an acceptable standard when deployed on Herrick/Telic? Guess this will vary between corps/arms
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    Alright back to normality. Insert some cwap about Rifles vrs Londons, RSigs training being crap, I want to join Para/SAS/Marines/HAC, what to expect on recruit training, the TA 100 non event, etc
  5. You forgot:

    CFT: 6 or 8

    PFT: pass or fail for bounty

    TA PTI: Does anyone have any info bla bla bla.

    Back on subject, I think your right about a week is the norm before you have adjusted to "the green". On the flip side, when you get back from camp/course and go back to normality, do you miss the green?
  6. course/1-2 week exercise/foreign camp/trade training (instructing) - Yes

    UK camps and RSigs class 1 courses - No
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    If a regular soldier did your job on weekends and two weeks a year how long would it be before he was as good as you?

    PS If you are a binman cancel the two week camp!
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