How long till phase 1 training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by michaelshane06, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. Hi i have recently completed the barb test. And was wondering how long it will be until i get into phase 1 training if i pass selection.
  2. well youve just got to wait for your medical to be passed and then have to interviews and then attend selection, should be near the summer i guess i applied in june and join in march but mine only took that wrong because my doctor messed one of the forms up, my advise is to keep chasing up your doctor and to keep phoning your careers office as often as you can..... good luck what you planning on joining?
  3. Well i was gonna join The Guards.But now my mind has shifted towards joining the Paras.What reg are you joining?
  4. staffords
  5. near the summer?

    dont be daft

    took me 8 weeks from applying to starting training
  6. lol 8 weeks wish it took me 8 weeks, i applied in june and dont start training till march
  7. i have got my interview on friday.What will be after that?
  8. oh if your going to have your interview friday then it wont be long now, you will have to go to 1 more interview after friday and will go to selection shorty afterwards, just be confident in your interviews and your pass them, the 1st interview you just pick 3 job choices and second they just talk about selection, i had my 1st interview November 22nd and by 8th december i have been given a date of enlistment,,,,,,,what are you hoping to join?

    good luck!
  9. Im gonna join the Paras.Are you nervous?
  10. not yet but im sure tht when it gets closer to march i will start to get nervous, im planning to join the staffords
  11. hopefully it will be my turn to go.Army careers said i should be in basic training by april if i pass everything.
  12. well as soon as you have your 1st interviews it goes fast then, id say you r be going to selection in january good luck!