How long til NAAFI disaster in Germany is in limelight?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wee_face, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. To all suffereing the consequencs of Pay As You Dine (Save As You Starve) in Germany, how long do you think it will take until the NAAFI is called to account for their discraceful performance? Also, when are they going to lose the monopoly on German bases? I thought the fair trade commission was supposed to stop this from happening? Or you can just post you PAYD horror stories!
  2. RTFQ


    Wait til they bring JPA in, you'll be hungry and skint. At least we're not paying tax on ops anymore though, that makes up for it :roll:
  3. You think! Its only because LSSA is changing, we get lower rates and no bonuses any more! Changes are always cost cutting!
  4. Well well well..... looks like my lifestyle is the winner.

    I live in the block and rarely go to scoff cos its shiiite!

    Sainsburys and waitrose I call home buy my own food on top of food charges - I wish I had payd, at least i wouldnt have top pay for the poo in the cookhouse then!
  5. Whats happening then? I haven't been to Germany since 83!!
  6. NAAFI have the contract for PAYD, they provide crap food in the cookhouse, then crank up the prices in the NAAFI supermarket so we get hammered there. They are the only people that are allowed to sell food in the camps, so the prices, which are VAT free still cost more than an average UK shop. We don't have the option to go to Waitrose or Sainsburys. Everybody cooks in their rooms (steamers, toasters or George Formby Grills,) orders out or hits MacDonalds, five minutes drive away. The idea of a healthy, balanced diet (before PAYD we had an excellent cookhouse) has gone out of the window and junk food is king.
  7. Blimey. Never knew about any of that, so what happend to RLC catering (what was the ACC)? Have they farmed them off somewhere?
  8. So whats up, will the cashiers in Real/ALdi/Kaisers/etc etc fcuking eat you if you go shopping in a German shop or something.

    If you can make it to McDs then you can go shopping in a German supermarket. FFS they sell exactly the same stuff as Tescos.
    If you can't read the labels then look at the pretty pictures on them.

  9. Still there, but get all the food from NAAFI. Its really tight for them as they get a lot of flak for the food, when they are doing their best. I think they actually get paid a bit by NAAFI as well? Any chefs out there who can shed light on this?
  10. Recently posted out of Germany and not a believer. No one should underestimate the scope and impact of PAYD on the military community. NAAFI’s monopoly on the provision of grub behind the wire extends to the forced closure of time-honoured competition such as YWCA/TOC-H/PMC(for JHQ warriors). Phase 2 of the operation: reduce choice and increase prices in the NAAFI.
  12. Double post for some reason :?
  13. [/quote]

    I am not only not a pad I am not even wearing green anymore :) but I did have experience of the system before I saw the light and got out.

    I agree that PAYD is a disaster but that was what you asked for, well maybe not you exactly but the majority of singlies.
    But whineing that Naafi sell crap food at high prices so you go out to McDs and don't even fcuking TRY to buy some decent food in the local shops is what gets on my t1ts.[/quote]
  14. Its is rather shoite. Its swinging back towards the daft days of only 1 sausage 1 party hat and 1 cracker between 2. Bring back RLC chefs. Sorry we called you fat over weight lazy sloppo gits. It was all a joke!
  15. I support the basic idea of PAYD - paying for meals yu don't eat is an absurdity and something lots of people have wanted to change for a long time. What they didn't want, however, was one contractor being given a monopoly, or that the only people involved are those who have been responsible for dire contract catering previously.