How long til AFCS pay out?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by FDW, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. FDW

    FDW Old-Salt

    As above, broke my ankle/calcaneum and according to JSP 765 it's worth a few quid, I put my claim in under the AFCS and they wrote to me saying they need "up to" 40 weeks, is it always that long or do they process them a bit quicker?
  2. I believe that the more detail and subsequent treatment you put in, the quicker it is.

    Make sure the Med Cen help you out or you could be in for a 40 week wait!
  3. Follow the link & look at the bottom right of the page:

    Pensions and Compensation

    What it nicely doesn't say is that the ".......... further contact related to your submission ...." may not be an end to the process and the payout is imminent. It could be that they refuse the claim or they are looking for more evidence etc.
  4. Apparently I'm meant to put a claim in too.

    Get ready for a lot of:

    "No, that's shit, not good enough".

    "No. Still shit".

    "Still shit".

    "Give me your address and I'll sort it out in person shall I?".

    I'll do it when it stops raining and my quilt is not so demanding.

    You can imagine the debris though.....
  5. they chinned my claim off
  6. I called about my claim too, the 40 week wait is apparently because of the backlog due to us being involved in US-led wars and the number of injuries grossly underestimated! Either that or the number of RSI claims from crab typists! ;)
  7. What reasons did they give (if you don't mind me asking) and have you appealed their decision?
  8. The 40 week wait is indeed due in part to the backlog of claims, but is also due to the number of appeals and tribunals, and if this is not enough they are also cutting staff numbers!
  9. I put my claim in Oct 2010 after getting shot in the UK when one of the lads had an ND...

    And I'm still waiting out for a desision. I've had nothing from the army in regards to compo.

    Don't expect them to run around chasing things up for you, cause they will send letters out to get info, then will send another letter 6weeks later if nothing has came back, and also never really told me much when I'd call up asking for an update, so i never trully knew and still don't, what was happening. Luckily, i got my Adj involved and he's managed to move it along, so it's now finally been passed to desicion makers...

    I do understand they are busy, but my case has defintly been abit of a piss take so far!
  10. Just got a letter informing me that I will be called forward for a medical assessment. Unfortunately ATOS are carrying it out, so I suppose I had better turn up with a suitcase of civvies ready to be signed back on as fully fit!!!!
  11. i put a claim in, in May 11 and had the cash in the bank by september 11. I have since appealed and am waiting out now and have been since April of this year
  12. Claim submitted in Jul 11 - still waiting out for it.
  13. If you slip a disc on a Saturday while at home and not at work resulting in about 18 mths downgraded can you make a claim under AFCS? I'm guessing the answer is no but thought I'd ask.
  14. Give it a whirl, you never know
  15. Is it on the grounds of loving pointys too much