How long should it take for a bill to come out of my wages?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by shovel_re, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. i marched out of my previous house in october and i was billed about 500 quid at the march out (14th october was the date i signed for the bill) I have had 3 pay statements since then and the money still hasnt been taken from my wages.

    ive been very grown up and made sure i put the money aside from my disturbance allowance so the bill wont be a problem when it arrives but it seems to be taking an unusually long time to be actioned.

    can anyone tell me how long i should be waiting for a bill to be actioned or if there is somewhere on JPA that i can chase up whats occuring.

    i appreciate that i should ask the clerks at my unit but due to where i work, the clerk i need to speak to has said it is a problem for the previous unit to chase up which isnt particularly helpful.

    thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. It should be in your workflows. If not, it means it hasn't been put on the system yet. You didn't clear from Waterbeach by any chance did you???
  3. Back in the day, when I were a lad, some cnut robbed my toolbox. Mid March time it was.
    The barstard paypeople waited until July till they took £625 out of my wages. Just in time for leave. Oh how I laughed.
    I know this doesn't help you in the slightest possible way, but as everything changes, things are still the same.
  4. no, i moved from wimbish.

    i am assuming the bill is going to occur at some point, who should i be getting answers from with regards to this bill being actioned?

    I'm only human and having a "spare" £525 in my savings is starting to wear a bit thin.
  5. Get amongst the HR there. They should be able to check if the QMs have put it on the system yet, because - contrary to popular belief - it's not them thar clerks that do it.

    Hope this helps.....
  6. thanks for the help. the bill i signed was given back to the obnoxious-nearly-got-beaten-where-he-stood-sorely-dissapointed-i-didnt-pay-for-march-out-cleaners individual who carried out the march out inspection. would it be salient to get in touch with his department (dhe or whatever they are called these days) to find out whats happening with the bill?
  7. How is a QM involved in billing for marching out of an SFA? DHE (or DE) responsibility surely?
  8. Cyprus.
  9. i marched out of a house in wimbish, england. is there a cut of for when a bill can be actioned. its ok for me but i would imagine this is a bit of a rough trick to pull on a younger less financially aware bloke.
  10. ok fella think about it in real terms

    You marched out in Oct 09

    You signed for the bill on that date then the bloke who raised it probably went back to his office for a cuppa.

    Not having access on JPA to put the bill on he forwards the bill to your RAO for processing, probably after a week or 2 as he has a few more march outs/bills to process.

    A few days later it arrives, HRA can't process it as I presume you are posted, therefore can't put it onto JPA as they have no sight of you.

    HRA probably sends it back to DHE stating you are posted and cannot process the bill.

    Now mid Nov 09

    DHE look you up on JPA and eventually get round to sending it to your new unit in a week or 2.

    Now Dec 09

    Inundated with mail and the silly season, and the fact that your HRA has received extra work from an outside unit, pound to a pinch of salt its waiting in a tray for processing in the new year
  11. I had a bill last year when I moved.
    On the march out I signed for the damages and thought that was it, about 2 months later I recieved a bill throught the post and after a quick call to DHE it turns out that the Army take nothing to do with the bills anymore.

    You could call DHE or you could wait for the bill to arrive. :wink:
  12. Dry your eyes princess, but if your toolbox is stolen unfortunately someone has to pay for it and its YOU . so YOU need to grow up about it - accept it and is it the pay guys fault?????, not really, just doing thier job so If you didnt plan for the bill coming out more fool YOU again - also did YOU not think of putting a kit insurance claim - or didnt YOU have any??????? Your a bigger fool you if you didnt.
  13. Ooooh, hark at you.
    All I was doing was recounting a tale from back in the day when I wore a younger mans clothes. You sound a bit bitter and twisted. Were you not loved very much in your Unit. X X X
    Oh, and yes, I did have kit insurance.
  14. Yes, but the question is about Wimbish not Cyprus?
  15. QM has nothing to do with march outs of SFA in Cyprus, its undertaken by HCSO's Office and estate managers are WO2's LSL!