how long phase 1-2

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jimmi1, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi got my interview soon can anyone help me with these questions please
    I am looking to join the parachute regiment.
    How many weeks is phase 1 training ?
    How many weeks is phase 2 training ?
    and in what week during phase 2 is p-coy held ?
    the army gave me a dvd wich says phase 1 is 12 weeks and on some websites it says it is 14 weeks.
  2. Have you read your job briefs?
  3. ok thanks i did do a search for it but was looking on the paras website
  4. I was kind of wondering the same things, the job brief they print off at the AFCO is out of date ("Amended: 1 Jun 04") and frankly doesn't go into any detail about training.

    Also, IDK if there is any difference but does anyone know why there are 4 different PARA roles? (101/102/103/104).
  5. Dont worry too much into the different numbers, its all to do with what you got on your BARB test and enables them to know at Phase 1 what level you were at. As an indicator for them (cant remember exactly now but 101 was between 26-35, 102 35-44 etc, etc. it is an indicator that if you were 104 you could be a strong contender on the promotion stakes and future leadership potential, this is exactly the same for the infantry and guards but the job briefs are pretty much the same for each one.
  6. There planning you career before you've even started!
  7. Yes and no, it gives the training staff a minor indication of your trainability but to be honest its what you can personally do in phase1/2 and yur Regiment that counts.
  8. Ah, I got 104 so that's not too shabby. Cheers for the insight.