How long must you serve?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The-Goose, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. If I don't like it, in Recruit Training how long must I stay in, mu cousin told me that if you really don't like the early mornings, food and marching stuff that you can ask your Corporal if you can go at anytime. Is that right?
  2. You can be dropped on request. But I'm unsure of the timeframes involved.
  3. is that for anything or only some things?
  4. I don't understand?
  5. Leaving I mean can you just say I dont want to do it no more - and then go?
  6. As previously stated - I'm unsure of the timeframes involved.
  7. Speak to you AFCO
  8. Alternativley, if you're looking for ways out already, don't even bother applying.
  9. As PrinceAlbert suggested, If you are having doubts already then, maybe wait a while until you are sure its for you. Speak to someone at the Armed Forces Careers Office and they can explain the process in greater detail, but generally in the first six weeks (if you are over 18) you can request to discharge, you get slightly longer if you are under 18 if I recall correctly. Good Luck.
  10. i was told that when you ask to leave they will ask you for a good reason why, then it will normally take up to 14days before arrangements are made for you to leave, to try and give you a little time to get properly ajusted and time to reconsider :D
  11. In all honestyy, if it isn't for you. You could say you have a drugs problem and you are suffering from withdrawal and feel like you're about to snap. No way will they let you continue training if they think you're an addict. Better than saying "I don't like it and want to go home" and having to wait while they f'uck about processing your discharge papers and trying to convince you to stay.
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  13. Then maybe, a year or 2 down the line when you feel that you're ready to give the Army another can't, because you fed them some bullsh1t drugs excuse to get out the 1st time, and your name is marked as a smack head, and a liar, because you'd have said that you didn't take drugs prior to signing on the dotted line.'re a spanker.
  14. 12 weeks. After that your committed to your 4 years. Unless your a boy which means you can DAOR up until your 18th birthday, even in battalion. By the sounds of it your heart aint in it. Dont cook your goose :wink: Go be a plumber.

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