How long must you be in the ta before you can be deployed

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pain951753, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. What is the minimum amount of time before you can be voluntarily deplyed i heard it was around 18 months after finishing basic training. Also what is the minimum age?
  2. Min age to deploy on operations is 18. I do not know the required gap from completing basic, but would assume that as soon as you are fully trained (basic & trade-specific) you are good to start MST.
  3. Thanks for that but what's MST?
  4. I believe there is a minimum time you have to have been in the TA to deploy but I can't remember what it is (recollection from an issue brought up in a previous job). The argument at the time went that if there was no gap imposed between training and deployment then you could theoretically join the TA and go on operations faster (and with a whole lot less training and experience) than if you had joined the regular army (clearly there could have been a duty of care issue here).
  5. thats pretty much what i did, soon as i was trade trained i volunteered and was on a tour about 5 months later with 2wks at chilwell and 3 days at PDT, a gap would've been a good idea. do you have to complete DIE training prior to mobilising for ops now? if so this would create a delay between qualifying and deployment.
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    Yes. Of course this is only applicable to Infantry so if the OP is in a Corps I guess it would depend on his/her trade training.
  7. Judging by some of the wretches on here it's about 25 years.
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  8. ba dum psssst
  9. I hesitate to ask, but what's DIE training? It doesn't sound like it would fill someone with confidence when deploying to a zone of conflict!
  10. the acronym guy was off sick that day
  11. Director, Infantry Employment.

    Its about 9 months of additional pre-mob training aimed at exposing Infantry blokes to FOB work, VALLON, various weapon systems, Cultural Awareness and the delights of Operational Fitness Tests.

    Aim is to raise the starting standards of stabs to reduce time spent getting up to speed when mobilised.

    (Dorritos ready... )
  12. omfg,bravo bravo,you pull up a sand bag and tell me about all you ops
  13. The bloke asked about the meaning of an acronym, which does not require operational experience.

    I bet that

    1. Judging by the "quality" of your other contributions, you'll have an O2 tag by the end of september, and

    2. You're a civvie.
  14. Just as a matter of interest what Corps are you? No hidden agenda here, just interested.
  15. i was in 32 sigs, got sent to 2LSR to do FP during TELIC 7 but got stuck in the rad troop despite the fact that i was an driver electrician and didnt know anything about radios. looking back i was really inexperienced but doubt another year in the drill hall etc would've made a difference, decent predeployment should be a must but at the time they were just desperate to punt guys into theatre (there was a regular reservist dog handler there who weighed the same as a mini bus). i was pretty squared away when i came back though.

    after that transfered to 6 SCOTS then went out with 3 SCOTS on HERRICK 10 the difference in the amount of predeployment training was huge.