How Long Lord, How Long?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Padre, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Greetings all,

    Wonder if anyone can shed light on the approximate length that I should expect to lapse between filling out the forms, passing medical and everything else and finally getting all the paperwork sorted.

    Mine was back with relevant people at beginning of December and haven't heard a thing since.

    Any experience or advice most welcome,

  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Your references must be getting checked out 'upstairs'. Anything you want to tell us :oops:
  3. Unlike you who has been issued a boarding pass and several calls to board but still loitering on your last breaths in the duty free lounge .....

    Maybe tommorow our prayers will be answered:wink:
  4. Reckon I've been checked and approved upstairs if you don't believe me try getting through a selection conference, theological college and a curacy :) That said it's obviously somewhere a bit lower that I I'm waiting for now - got a CTC clearance from DVA a while back which I thought would speed process but last time I spoke to anyone seems they spelt my name wrong and had started building a completley new file on my new persona.

    Then again it might be because I wear a dress for work ;-)

  5. Are you scottish then?
  6. Now worse than that - I'm CofE!

    But at least my handbag never catches fire like some of my friends ;-)

  7. And I always get the seams straight no matter how busy I am!
  8. How amny female padres are serving in the Regular Army?
  9. Who said anything about be a female? I just go to work in a dress!

    O.K. it's a cassock really but former engineering colleagues think it's a dress.

    There are some chaplains of the female persuasion but not sure how many - have found six names mentioned in places as being Chaps so we're even more confused now as the girls are chaps and the boys wear dresses - no wonder it's taking so long - I'm probably waiting for a pregnancy test!
  10. I suppose you could always phone up and ask?
  11. I have tried that but the person you want is:
    i. On holiday,
    ii. In a meeting,
    iii. At a conference
    iv. Having half a day's leave, or
    v. Gone to lunch.

    Will weather the storm and see what comes out of it - it's just that I realise that with my diary the sooner things start to firm up the better it will be for TA involvement and work in Parish setting. It's just hard to see the shape and therefore carry out any intelligent planning.

  12. OK, why dont you apply for a Parish setting in Germany working with the army. I think some of the vicars in the bases in Germany are civilians - not deployable.
  13. I believe that the wait is traditionally 40 days and 40 nights IOT ensure that you contemplate what you are doing and are not tempted by evil i.e. The RAF.

    However, it is believed there was no requirement for Our Lord's personal data to be entered on Unicom/Forge et al, and for this to receive the benediction that only the See of Glasgow can provide, so add about another 40 - it should be good for the soul!

    Please do not expect any announcements to be made by passing Angels or Archangels (they just can't get the travel allowances these days) so a simple entry on Part 2's will have to suffice, and the Cherubim and Seruphim you would expect to assist you have had their MTD's capped, and are being re-rolled.

    The PSAO at the unit you filled the paperwork out at should be able to chase for you, and the Chief Clerk should be able to help. Have you been Attested yet? Roughly, depending on the efficiency of your unit, it will take from 14 days to 3 months from Attestation, on the basis that there aren't any difficulties on your application (nationality etc).

    If it takes much longer than that, declare the dress thing, and bring a case for discrimination against your freedom to express yourself. If you are not Attested yet, please PM me to let me know whether you intend to Affirm allegiance, I will travel a long way to watch that, and the champers will be on me!
  14. Excellent!!
  15. But surely that defeats some of the object. I can understand that that would be good for the pastoral care of the families but a lack of deployment means that my people go on ops and I opt for the easy option and stay at home - if you're family then you go with them - nope - hey ho it's a soldier's life for me (and I still have time to join regulars too!).

    Thanks for thought though,