How Long is Too Long?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Maccy_Bear, May 16, 2005.

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  1. I have recently transferred from one Inf Coy to another (Yorkshire, EWRR, to the North East, the TTR) and with work and study commitments (I am a full time univeristy student) have only attended two drill nights since easter. I was with the previous Inf Coy for only a few months, having previously transferred from WUOTC.

    Am I in trouble? I am now free from essay deadlines and projects, thus will be able to carry on training regulary from tomorrow. Am in line for an interview without coffee come tuesday night? I have honestly have had no time for the past 4 weeks. Would it be have been prudent to let the TAC know? Would a phonecall or a visit tomorrow afternoon before the drill night and offer my grovelling apologies?

    All ribbing and advice greatly appreciated.
  2. get into your interview and explain the situation. If you go grovelling they will know you are grovelling and think your a twat! Put your hands up and admit that your studies have taken priority but you are now inthe position to rectify that!
  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    just turn up and stop worrying...if they're any good they'll be glad you are still keen.....if they give you grief, they aren't worth staying with.

    Le Chevre - 59 days to do.
  4. Cheers lads!

    Stop worrying and get on with it. Always the right course of action IMO. Sorry to have wasted anyones time.
  5. Never hurts to phone, let someone know (pref the PSI and CSM) whats going on andtell them you want to stay in but..........and asap you will be attending regularly.
  6. Maccy Bear, you blithering admin case...rule one is "No surprises" and rule two is "keep everyone in the loop".

    Too late now but I think if you were one of mine, then that would be the nature of our interview sans cafe! For future reference you need to keep them told whenever things are changing in your domestic/work arrangements. It is always nice to have an idea whether you need to plan training for two or two hundred...

    Let us know how many times your PSI uses the expression "fcuking student"! Good luck and don't do it again!! 8)
  7. Hold on lads, last time i checked the TA was a voluntarily organisation. Hence if i dont want to go in for 5 months i dont have to. i wouldnt have to explain myself either. i know it's irrelevent now (Wed) and you've had your chat, but i'd never worry about it. If you start thinking that the TA is another compulsory job rather than the part-time-fit-it-in-when-you-can then the fun drops out of it and it'll become a chore. If they give you a hard time i'd tell them that your degree which will set you up for life is a tincy wincy bit more important than a tues night in the Barracks. If he does say "fukcing students" then tell him at least you have the ability to go to university. Then run very quickly. And no i'm not in uni, my mates are and don't attend regularly, but it's not their fault. I'm sure if the TA paid the 140mile petrol bill more of them would attend. Don't i sound bitter?? probably cos i did some phys before work, put's me in a foul mood. :p
  8. I'd like to point out that some of our worst attenders are ******* students

    The excuse of "oh I had to do an essay " wears a bit thin to blokes with wife and two kids shift work etc. Come on guys its better than working in maccy d's !
  9. Last time I checked, the TA was a reserve military formation, which it is voluntary to join but once in you have certain commitments...

    Well if you prefer to cram a year's service requirement into seven months, that is well and good but the attendance at obligatory training requirement may cause interesting debate come bounty-ing up time...

    I think this is what is called a Jack-fatherless attitude? One man's chore is another man's duty. It also explains why it tokk years to get people to accept that formed bodies of Territorials could be mobilised, rather than individual re-inforcements...

    I am a graduate and frankly 90% of degrees aren't exactly meal tickets - nor indeed are 90% of students equipped for a battle of wits...I put more faith in my NVQ Level 2 in Cleaning and Maintenance these days than in either of my Masters degrees!! :roll:

    Are you?? Well best they nip up to the PSAO and amend their registered addresses...although possibly they could attend for training on attachment to a unit nearer their place of skiving...erm I mean education? :twisted:

    Never mind poppet, if you miss five month's more of training then you can slouch on your sofa and the nice TA will probably send an officer around in a Land Rover to de-kit you. :x

    Honestly Ready Wait Ready, this is a very jack attitude and if you mean it the way it comes out, then why on earth are you bothering? If it is lost in postlation I apologise for attacking you but if you have ever commanded TA troops, then you would know that this attitude cvan be the kiss of death, not only to an individual's career but to those he taints around him. Sounds like you are not a candidate for "satisfied soldier"?? :D