How Long is Mobilisation Period

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by metplod, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Guys,

    Can anyone confirm what the current mobilisation period is likely to be? I'm looking at Herrick 12, May -Nov 2010. I was under the impression that with RTMC and POTL it would be about 9 months mobilised service but have been told it would be more like 11+.

    Anyone got an accurate idea? I could just about scrape by on my employers permission and support for the 9 month period, but would struggle for any more.

  2. From what i've been told it's 3 months RTMC, 6 months tour and just under 2 months leave
  3. It can be anything upto a year, start to finish. It is not possible to be any more accurate as 'things can change'. Plan for a 6 month tour, 40 days potl + 2- 3 months buildup.....
  4. however you dont have to take all the post op tour leave. you can go back to civi employment within weeks but need to inform Chillwell.

    i presume you lose your paid leave but i dont have any confirmation of this.
  5. Does it make any difference at RTMC whether you are in a teeth arm or support arm, or does everyone do the same OPTAG? I'm in the latter.
  6. Shortest I've heard of was 3 months longest 16 months

    Edited to add, thats total mob time, RTMC, Build up, Op and POTL.
  7. RTMC should only be 2 weeks. ref OPTAG, the only bit that you must do is the ARB as far as I am aware. Any other training is down to your unit. If you really are only going to stay on base then you will do minimal training.
  8. It really depends on your role as 762 highlights Metplod

    Myself and another from my unit volunteered for mobilisations , but our roles are different to the majority of those mobilised.
  9. Oh do tell, anywhere warm?
  10. Wasn't aware of anywhere else to go that wasn't warm in these times Whitehorse :D