How long is a TA mobilisation generally for?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Shandy123, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi - I was in a TA Infantry unit in a previous life - I was never mobilised. I am about to rejoin, as its been so long I have to start from scratch as a recruit again, so am looking at something more suited to my senior years (36), the RLC looks like a good option.
    However - I am just wondering - if I am mobilised, which seems more likely these days than it was before I left (2000) - how long would that last for - how long is the tour itself, the pre and post deployment stuff?

  2. Generally, TA mobilisation lasts as long as the mobilisation period, this includes pre and post tour stuff.
  3. For RSigs... in something above non tea bitch duties 10-11 months for a 6 month tour
  4. thanks - that's really usefull!
  5. Seriously?
  6. I thank you, one tries ones best.

    Now try reading some of the mobilisation threads in Just TA.
  7. Yeah your looking at about a year off work with your predeployment training, tour,and potol
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    10 - 11 months is common enough. For others, some Infantry roles, for example, can be a few months longer. The RMR routinely mobilise for over a year, to allow full PDT.
  9. How long did you expect?
  10. I'd take a guess at 6 months .... lol
  11. I guessed at a 6 month tour, preceded and followed by a month, but I have no experience of RLC, and only old experience of TA generally, so I thought it might differ for support roles one way or the other?
  12. Having done two tours in the last two years, Each including POTL and remaining A/L has been over 12 months. Each has required extensions to the mobilised service from my employer the second time my employer blocked the extension which after much wrangling was overturned. Other TA personnel who mobilised for the same tour have done nearly 15 months all told.
  13. I'm in the same boat... I'm nearly finished POTL for my most recent mob... hitting the 14 month mark here and the previous was a solid 12 maybe 13 months...

    i feel i should point out... its not generally the done thing to call people up (as far as I know). you volunteer for tours these days... so if you don't want to mobilise (which defeats the purpose of joining) then dont volunteer...
  14. same here. had heard that they were going to raise the 12month cap to 15months but this may have just been the usual rumours.
  15. Hmm - and do you still get the job protection if you volunteer, rather than are called-up?