How long in the rank of WO to be substantive?

I am @ my 21 year point (jul 14) and trying to decide when to sign off. I have Veng and no intention of going beyond 24 years. If I got promoted I'd 100% stay to get the next rank pension but it's looking unlikely. I just need some advice. I daren't mention or enquire at my unit as it would be everyone's business, which I don't want. Am happy to go @ my 23 yr point. Any advice is appreciated. I'm on the 75 scheme until Apr 15. H.A
Jump ship sooner. Plenty good jobs out there... But your good friends will have told you that...
I may just do that, will get some advice from the Pension Society me thinks first. Am 40 in April so will probably do it after then. Some say it's 18 months in the rank but I thought it was 2years?


It is 2 years.

And that two years only begins on that date your rank is granted, provided of course, the rank is made substantive by completing the CLM elements.

It doesn't draw attention to this in the pension calculator *until* you get to the final page, and next to the "rank" bit, there's a little information question mark... Click on that, and it tells you that the Pension Calculator assumes you have held the rank for two years minimum.

Forces Pension Society

Yes 2 years it is BUT if you have done more than one year but less than two, you will get a proportionate uplift in your pension. If you have less than one year in the higher rank there is no uplift.

Example: If you have done 18 months in the higher rank you get three quarters of the difference between the higher and lower rank rate of pension added to the lower rate.

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