How long in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Scoots, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. I keep hearing varying statements by the UK and the US in terms of potentially drawing down next year but with no firm commitment, sensibly adopting an approach of reviewing progress...etc I'm just interested to get some opinions on this, how long is this conflict going to last, what do you think?
  2. How long is a piece of string?
  3. 4 years 5 months 2 weeks 3 days 16 hours 42 minutes and 15 seconds.
  4. Likely about that, in truth.
  5. As long as it takes NATO to steal as much as it can possibly get away with, install a pliant puppet-regime that can be looked after without too much obvious fuss and get secure oil transfer facilities ready for it's next murderous adventure.
  6. sounds daft but hopefuly until i get to do a tour out there.

    even if it does eventualy end i think the british or americans will end up having a base out there. what you think?
  7. Sounds like a plan, I hope you're right my little wah merchant
  8. One of the tactics being used is "pricing the enemy out of a war" that is to say, a country can not afford to be so financially committed.
    The Prime Minister only this week announced that a record £3.5 Billion of the British tax payers money be put a side for the next financial year for Afghan. Think about it!
  9. i would'nt mind staying there for a few tours
    (agot nought to lose) probz make some proper friends. and i might even cum bk with a nick name( SCARFACE if you've seen my mush.) will put a pic on if you want.

    anywise i want to get out there fast as, any ways to get around this( apsrt from flying to IRAN n then TABBING the rest haha.
  10. Join the Taliban mate, the Army's fully manned.
  11. Please correct me if I have this wrong.
    I thought that getting the Taliban out of power was the plan and this was done by end of 2001 or early 2002.
    Then 'Someone' ? seems to have changed the Plan and now "We" are into nation building, The Brit Army as the fathers of a new Nation. Novel idea as it seems to have done so much in it's time.
    Last year or was it 2008 Labour was talking 30 years over there, last I heard they had that down to 2014.
    Until the Politico's sort out the plans, nearly said expenses, HM Forces will have no idea just what is required of them.
  12. You are correct in saying the Brits were the first to realise that [2001] we would have to be part of nation building.
    The US was still unsure Oct/Nov 01 that it would require Taliban regime change AND nation building was not even on their radar until 02.
    FFWD to recent times the previous Brit Amb [09] was talking of decades of UK troops involvement.
    Karzai is demanding at least another ten years.

    However there is now a realisation that Karzai & clepto cronies can never unite the country.
    Therefore talks have been ongoing with Talib elements for some months now, including the arch opportunist Hekmatyar.
    If Afghanistan is to stay together it will need a strong independent Pushtun leader with credibility & roots in the provinces
    who can be accepted by the tribals fundies.
    I cannot see one in Kabul today - Ashraf Ghani the most decent & able, doesn't have a following of the tribals let alone the fundies.
    Haqqani would be preferable to Hekmatyar but is too old & his son doesn't have the scruples of his father.
    Both are too close to AQ.

    So it may be best to pull stumps and let them get on with it.
    Which is what happened when we pulled out in 1842.
    The Sovs were a little more successful keeping their puppet in power for another 3 years,
    whilst civil war began in earnest between Hekmatyar & Massoud.

    There is no achievable scenario now that could be truly described as a "win".
    There may have been had the complexity of Afghan culture & society been understood earlier on;
    as there was a real relief by the people to be rid of the Taliban,
    which could have been built upon had other diversions not impeded the pursuit of AQ.
  13. Impressive post. I assume your other 27 on the day you joined were as well thought out. Pis5 poor post, or pis5 poor trolling.