How long have you been telling them

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by omega, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. "Given the serious risk to our troops from friendly fire, it is particularly worrying that the capability to communicate with allies in the field has been delayed."

    Well if they take as long talking about the problem above it will take forever
    its o.k. saying they are going to try and sort the problem out how about doing something about in in reality not on paper
    our troops lives are paramount
  2. = £1,125,000 per job secured

    Or perhaps we could buy working radios from the Yanks, give 1,600 people £500,000 each and pocket the savings....

  3. How long have you spent in Defence Procurement, Chubbster?

    If only life was as simple as it appears on your moon.
  4. My point is flashy is that as you know you and your colleagues in the armed forces are very highly professional gentleman /Lady's etc

    What i mean is why don't the people who hold the purse strings have talks with people like you and your colleagues who use this equipment on a daily basis and the manufactures (which you dont want to change )to see what improvement can be made and what problems are occurring .

    like for example problems with communication the designs yes it does cost a lot of money to change this kind of equipment and update the design
    But i am sure that the British public would be prepared to pay a little more tax to know you soldiers who are fighting for queen and country are as safe as you could possibly be .

    May be if the people who hold the purse strings and the mod while also giving you update communication equipment could also give you a couple of lynx s helicopters to use and the proper gear which people have had a petition to try and get you troops some help but have not received a reply from the government as yet .
  5. its always the same when buying in kit
    Identify what you want
    see whats out there
    Look at three or four types of what you want
    choose the cheapest shit
    take backhander
    buy it
    keep it on shelf for ten years
    when its out of date give it to the lads and wait for complaints
    then hold up hands and say its not our fault its out of our hands

    Bollocks i bet yanks dont have this problem
    see what is needed
    buy it in bulk
    give everyone that item
    job done
  6. Keef,

    I refer you to the learned Flasheart above. And the US have equally bad procurement problems. Relatively, we are not as bad as most.
  7. i suppose the grass is always greener but its still a shit way of getting kit with most civillian companys bending over backwards to shaft the MOD for all they can get where in the USA most companys are behind their boys and will do anything to help but i suppose thats a different topic

  8. By the time I had finished deciphering and translating your post, I lost interest in trying to give you a rational responce.

    It's nice to see you are still posting the blatantly obvious questions that even a four year old would ask.

    Trying to make you understand grown up issues is like trying to teach a sumo wrestler how to tap dance on a tight rope whilst wearing a thong. Painful, ugly and fucking pointless.
  9. “i suppose the grass is always greener but its still a s*** way of getting kit with most civilian companies bending over backwards to shaft the MOD for all they can get where in the USA most companies are behind their boys and will do anything to help but i suppose that’s a different topic”

    I find that, in general, companies are more than willing to do anything to help – for a fair and reasonable price. Whether they are UK or US matters little these days. Few of the main suppliers on BOWMAN are UK companies. The trouble with the likes of BOWMAN is that the price is driven down and down by beancounters who know rock all, that there is no “flex” in the contract to allow for variables. The companies know fine well they are selling kit that is outdated, that some of it is not needed and that essential ancillaries have not been included or have been bought on the cheap, in isolation, and do not work as a system when integrated. And because the profit margin is so small, and MoD are so inflexible, they stand back when it goes t*** up and say, that’s what you wanted, we told it was wrong, so cough up if you want it fixed.
  10. Warrant
    Well - maybe the public are. They pay enough to get into football, dogs and Lottery but there is little evidence of their willingness to make sure that the Funds are established by Brooon.
  11. ahh..
    it was the good old A41 radio for us old *******..

    idealy i never saw any problems with it..