how long have they got to reclaim the cash?

I was just going through my pay statements for 2005 and discovered that the LSSA paid to me while on R+R from telic 6 has not been reclaimed from my wages as the normal procedure. Normally they stop it on leaving theatre and start it on return. Is there a certain length of time that it must be re-claimed by? Or will itbe recovered when someone in the admin office realises the mistake?
they will always find money YOU owe them as i'm sure that you are well aware, but never too forthcoming when they owe US. 8O 8O

or is it just me :?: :?:
LSSA would only be stopped if you were at home for more than 10 days. Assuming you were then there is no time limit on the recovery - if it is noticed. You may submit an application for write off if it ever happens, as it could be considered that the delay is unreasonable. It might not work - but unless you try .....

Of course a good honest individual would go straight in and report the overpayment .......
i did the other day, but our pay clerk said they should have picked it up on the audit of accounts.
Mutineer said:
LSSA would only be stopped if you were at home for more than 10 days......
LSSA is stopped as soon as you leave a qualifiying theatre, ie you go back to your home/ permanent duty station. It would then only be restarted after 10 days back in the qualifying theatre.
They should have picked it up on audit - but obviously they didn't or you wouldn't be in telling them!!

If you've had LSSA issued after your return from TELIC, it would be easier for your RAO to fax the stop/start LSSA for your R&R dates (as long as 10 days or more out of theatre) direct to APC Glasgow, as problems would possibly arise if published on UNICOM.

As previously posted, there is no time limit on reclaiming back overpayments from salaries. If you have also received an LSSA bonus on time accummulated on TELIC, I would question if it has been paid correctly if they have not managed to control your LSSA days.

The rules on LSSA don't change until 19 Mar 07, so there is still time for them to realise their mistake on preparation for JPA Rollout. If it's any consolation, on change over to JPA, you will be awarded an extra 100 days LSSA as long as you have qulaified for LSSA under the current regulations.

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