How long has Sven got?

For a cunning plot by the FA to get rid of the manager, they've done really well...

1. FA Chairman says FA Chief Executive has done nothing wrong and will stay in post. Less than one week later.... FA Chairman's time - shortly up...

2. FA Chief Exec says he's done nothing wrong. Within a week, resigns.

3. FA PR guru offers to sell stories of Sven's private life to the press. Unless breifed to do so by FA Chief Exec, that's another man overboard.

Meanwhile, Sven claims that he said nothing misleading (and it looks as though it'll be very difficult to prove that he did); has the players giving support by threatening to strike if he is sacked and also has the added joy of being stitched up by his employers. Chances of getting rid of him without huge cost or a legal action (or both) very, very, very slim.

So I'd suggest that unless the FA Board are incredibly stupid (ah.... they are), Sven could be the only one left by the end of the week, having been made more secure in his post by the complete idiocy of the FA. Given the FA's style and panache in the fields of half-baked spin and misguided planning, I wonder if TCH could be persuaded to take over as FA Chief Exec?
What a scandal. Mr Burns-lookalike old, bald, single bloke shags podgy, ugly, single bird. Then, at a different time and date, different old, single bloke shags same podgy, ugly, single bird.

(where the hell's Jerry Springer :?:)

My oh my, this story has everything. Sooner or later, this wild escapade will be a Hollywood blockbuster with Tom Cruise, Nic Cage, Cameron Diaz and some other overrated actors with plenty of CGI-generated action sequences. And either Shrek, Dobby the Elf or an Uruk-Hai from Lord of the Rings starring as Wayne Rooney!

But, one must remember the mantra "don't sh1t on yer own doorstep fellas".
It seems that most the damage and media pressure has been created by a worse-than-useless PR team. Trying to do deals with the News of the World is not for the faint-hearted. Mess with the bull and you get the horns.... Not sure why Palios had to go so don't see that Sven has to.
who really gives a t@ss wether he shaged her or not?
has this got anything to do with his suitability to manage the england football team?

I say go for it Sven, GIVE HER ONE FOR ENGLAND! :lol:
What I can't understand is why anyone should attach any importance whatever to the bedroom antics of a bunch of Johhny Foreigners who just happen to be involved in the administration of ball-kicking contests.
Just out of interest,

How many competitions has England placed very highly in, or won since Sven took charge?
Er... the same number as under Don Revie, Ron Greenwood, Graham Taylor, Glenn Hoddle and Kevin Keegan.

And England have achieved higher positions in international competitions (2 x quarter finals) than they did under Don Revie (0), Ron Greenwood (0), Graham Taylor (0), Glenn Hoddle (0) and Kevin Keegan (0).

The only two managers (post Sir Alf) who've taken England to higher placings in tournaments were, in effect, sacked by the FA, who chose not to renew their contracts...

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