How long from training until deployment?

I passed selection in january and am due to start catterick in april with the Yorkshire regiment...I understand that my battalion will be deploying just before i pass out of training (if all goes to plan) would i get a chance to go on that tour straight from training or would there be a period after ITC where i would do operational training specific to the tour, or would this be covered at catterick?
*anti-wah cloak on* I'd guess you'd have to go through optag before deployment after CIC? I'm not infantry but would hazard a guess that you need optag and some sort of PDT package.
Possibly R+R cover, I'm guessing you would be rear party as it is a tight timescale from CIC to deployment.



Unfortunately my fellow friend, it would appear to me that your going to miss the bus. It happened to me back in 2003, I arrived at my unit on a monday and they all got on buses that morning to take part in what is now known as Telic 1. I ended up doing rear duties for four months before getting to deploy for three months due to a guy coming back to the UK. It's 5h!t I know mate but unfortuntely thats the way the cookie crumbles.

On the bright side, it's a good chance to get soem courses in as 90% of your unit will be in the 'Stan. Think driving etc

Cheers for the information disco. It looks like i will have to make the most of it then! Ive heard that its a bonus to get on courses, not a definate, but what other courses are available? would like to do driving though.


It all depends on the staff in the training wing (if any). There’s always a chance for some good ol' adventure training though, this suited me fine as I'm a bit of a rock climber. You may get put into a trade (sigs, stores etc.) so you will be taught how to do what in the quiet times, ready for the return of your unit. Another thing to do when you get there is to pop into RHQ and ask (what I imagine) the only clerk there what courses are available to you then present your case to the rear party OC, get him to sign it off and away you go. You could be pushing your luck a bit, coming straight out the factory, but if you don't ask, you don’t get.

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