How long for the letter?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by page, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi - just a quick question re: timescales...

    I went to and passed my TA selection weekend in July, got the phone call to confirm I had passed, went and got measured up for my uniform and everything....then got a phone call a week later to say that my medical history had been vetted and I had failed.

    Obviously since I passed the actual weekend, I am keen to know what they've failed me on and see what the grounds for appeal are, except I keep being told that I cant do anything without the letter.

    It has been over a month now, I have chased up with ROSO a couple of times and am still waiting to hear.

    So, whats a reasonable timescale to wait to get a medical rejection letter?

    Any advice appreciated...


  2. your gp should have sent his form stating you had no health issues that could hinder you undergoing miltary training.

    if you neglected to mention any previous medical history such as astma or history of depression which your doctor has mentioned they will respond in the way they apear to have done here. however you are entitled to know what grounds they have found

    you say
    did you not think to ask what had failed you?
  3. I did think to ask and got told "im not allowed to know but you will get a letter from the Army GP". I have since spoke to ROSO on the phone twice and asked him to chase it up.

    I thought i was pretty thorough in completing the medical, and the GP on the weekend read through it, asked some questions and was reasonably pleased with my responses - he asked me to do a Spiro test which my unit would arrange and that was it.

    Is my GP likely to know the results of my medical before me? Or did the form you mention go with the initial request?

    If i get in touch with my GP and say "you should have the results of a recent medical from the MOD" will they know what im talking about?

    Thanks for the response.
  4. My advice, go to your GP and check with him with any issues that might have barred entry.

    If there are no issues, ask him for a letter to take with you stating you are fit and fine and go down to your unit and hand it in.
    Cut out the middleman, especially if you are being kept waiting.
  5. Advice taken. Back down to the docs to discuss and get a suitable letter for my unit. Unfortunately next appointment isnt for two weeks!

    Fingers crossed.

  6. Of course given that i wont actually know what ive been failed on, what am i asking for?

    "I can confirm that this person is fit for military service, if you would like to discuss get in touch"?
  7. I don't want to sound negative etc, but I would hold fire on the going to get the Doctor and getting a note saying "fit for military service" from your Doctor as it won't actually mean anything in the grand scheme of things. And you're just wasting your time in my opinion, you will get a letter saying why you failed.- And there is an appeals process in place that you will be able to follow if you want to.

    I suspect it may be you went on the weekend, the doctor passed you fit provisionally but then wanted a referral from a specialist or something on an issue and it came back bad news. We had this recently with a guy at Main board - he was told by AOSB he had passed only to get a letter a few days later from the Doctor saying perm medical unfit as the Doctor had some misgiving and checked with someone else who said no, he wasn't too impressed. Quite why he wasn't told "we need to check something, you haven't passed yet" I'm not sure?
  8. Thats sensible enough, so back to the original question i guess, how long am i likely to be waiting for this letter?

    Its 4 weeks up to now, and if i leave my GP appt when it is, it will be 6, and id obviously like to get on with doing something about it!

    In fact im lying....been six weeks this week...
  9. And part of the appeal will involve seeing a doctor again, and getting a fit for service letter if he still wishes to join.

    If you go to your doctor, get the letter in the meantime then you aren't wasting any time at the other end when you finally get a letter stating the reasons, and if you are armed with that letter saying you are fit and ready for service from the offset, jobs a good one.

    Either way, if you know sooner rather than later that there is no reason to be barred from service then that can only be a good thing, at least for you.

    And worse case scenario, if the doctor finds something that could potentially have barred your paperwork, then you can start to take steps into sorting it out.

    Beats waiting around if you ask me.
  10. Ok then. Ive left the docs appointment for 2 weeks time, hopefully the letter will have arrived by then, if not, i can just as for a "fit for service" (will she know what that means?) letter and see what she says.....

    Sounds like a plan?
  11. Indeed. Just tell your doctor the situation, and say you will need a letter stating that she sees no medical reason for you being barred.

    Hope it works out for you fella.
  12. Me too. Everything crossed.

    Thanks for the advice folks. Will post here one way or the other...

  13. GP seen and she was suitably gobsmacked.....

    Still just said "wait for the letter and we can sort it out" though.

    Best wait for the letter then!
  14. Well, at least you have some knowledge that the good doctor sees no reason for your entry bar. If she doesn't there is a very high chance it's just a blunder.
    Chase that letter up!
  15. Do you honestly have no idea what they may have failed you on? If there is something on your medical records then you will be aware of it, obviously as it has been reported by you (or your parents) to a health worker at some point in your life. If the T.A medical unearthed something that you were not aware of, I imagine that they would be quick off the mark to tell you, so you can get some treatment etc.

    When you are informed of the reason I don't think it should be a shock to you, I think it will be a problem that you are already well aware of but maybe didnt put as much gravity on as the T.A does.