How long for medical?

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by 15year L/Bdr, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. I have had a letter from SPVA saying before they can consider my war pension claim I need to be examined by a medical board, does anyone have an idea how long it takes to get an appointment through and then how long it takes for the claim complete after that.

    many thanks for any replies
  2. An ATOS Doctor rang me within 2 weeks of my receipt of the letter to arrange a home visit. See other posts about advice.
  3. Even if it take 10 years stick with it. Don't let the ******************* grind you down. That's their intent.
  4. I received my appointment this morning for 16th of march
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  5. Home visit?
  6. I'm getting very very bored with your attitude. Just because you've been fucked over, doesn't meant that everyone else has. Maybe you were too lazy to bother yourself to get things to happen, I have no idea. All I sense is bitterness and "The Army owes me a favour".

    Feel free to PM me if you want some real answers.

    (I didn't put "you whining ******" at the end of this on purpose).

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  7. No visit to a local private clinic
  8. Are you able to get there under your own steam?
  9. Yeah, I'm still fit enough to work and stuff if that's what you mean?
  10. Your lucky, I have just got my medical examination details with Atos through. Job Centre Plus building, first floor with only stairway access -I can still walk short distances so will attend but it is clever placing a facility to assess disability in a position that is difficult to access by those with disabilities.
  11. If it puts you through stress plus pain and there is no other alternative other than the stairs... TELL THEM you need ether a home visit or the medical on the ground floor. This is your medical for your condition not theirs, dont play by there rules if it means you will be in pain.
  12. You can always ring and request a home visit due to difficulty walking and climbing stairs. This can happen for War Pension/AFCS medicals just as it can for DWP benefits. If it is for WP or AFCS you need to ring Norcross and ask for them to change it to a home visit.
  13. Correct. What's a matter 'Slug', don't you like being spoken back to? Now put me on block, or something, and go play with your ego.
  14. Sluggy is more than capable of fighting her own corner but I will say that she has much more than just an idea. She's very well versed in military admin & the med discharge/compensation fields. Maybe a less confrontational approach would elicit more help & advice?
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  15. Regretfully its not that easy: SPVA and Norcross have washed their hands of WP assessments; They state
    If you feel that you are unable to travel to an assessment centre for your assessment and would like the assessment to be carried out in your home, please call the Contact Centre on 0800 2888 777. They will ask you to provide information from your treating medical professional to explain why you are unable to travel to an assessment centre. Atos Healthcare or the SPVAcannot help you with any charges from your medical professional for providing a letter.
    The Number is Atos national call centre and they demand a letter from a doctor explaining why you are unable to walk or climb stairs. However, your comments have prompted me to look at surrounding 'examination centres' and one is about 30 miles away with ground floor access so I will request that the examination takes place there - Worcester, though has no parking within 200 yards of the Atos centre :)
    crafty buggers!