How long does the application process take

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Tanter, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Probably the most commonly raised point I know, but How long does the recruitment process take, from calling the careers office, to phase one. I know the time varies depending on how good, and how fast you work it, aswell as the careers office does also. But from experience, or as an average, does anyone know how long it takes?
  2. Kind of answered your own question.
  3. Yeh I know, but it would be nice to be given some form of time scale to that. Its like what is the length of a piece of string... Twice the length from the middle. But what if the middle is either 1cm or 2km...
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  4. Have you been to the AFCO yet?
  5. Yes, but only to information Gather, I have not started on the application process of yet, although I plan to start it later this week.
  6. Suck it up cupcake
  7. More of a muffin man myself...
  8. Well I picked up an application form about a month ago. Only handed it in on the Friday just gone. It took so long because I had to gather my GCSE results in paper form so had to ring around.

    Went in Friday. Booked BARB test for Tuesday (tomorrow). I believe it could take 6 months to a year. It largely depends on what you want to do and the vacancies they have for that role.

    This link is really good: Army Jobs - The Joining Process | Facebook

  9. You'll be in basic by the end of the week.
  10. You have to start the application process just after birth, the really necky ******* apply for their kids before they are born. They apply for a male and female place - they then just bin whichever one doesn't apply*. This allows sufficient time for pre- basic training by the parents and guarantees you a place by the age of 17 3/4.

    *after the scan to confirm pregnancy and number of babies, obviously.
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  11. That Long?I had planned to start basic on Friday and be SF by Saturday, and retire on Sunday with my VC...
  12. When I was speaking to sgt at ACIO he said shortest he has ever got someone in is 5 months and longest he has personally heard of is 2 years (WTF!)

    But I'm at same stage as you mate but fingers crossed I'm hoping to get in by September
  13. When I start basic in July it will have taken a year but I did have a 3 month delay in the middle (not my fault)and have waited 4 months for a job opening
  14. What was your delay for? I'm going to have a short delay due to I had stretched ears when I was a younger lad so I have to get them sown up before I go so il be delayed by a month before go ADSC. But I got surgery booked in for 2 June got to shell out £600!
  15. What cap badge you going for and what was the delay?
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