How long does it take?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by signmeup, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Going to be joining up hopefully, been working down the gym now for a couple of months and can say that my mile and half times on the treadmill have come down alot.

    The question i'm asking is though, from going into the Army Careers Office for first interview how long does it take to get to Pirbright? I'm thinking of joining Para's however I know my mile and half time isn't upto scratch for the para's but I don't want to train 6 months to get to the standard and then have to wait another 6 months before I actually get to Pirbright.

    I could pass the normal infantry mile and half time, would you recommend that I go to the Careers Office in January and get the ball rolling or wait until I can successfully do the mile and half in 9:40?

  2. have you been out the gym yet and running on the ground??
  3. whats your 1.5 at the moment then? id get up there tomoz if I were you, although they close for xmas on thursday and open early jan again. I applied 6 weeks ago and am still waiting on my med forms to come back so imo get the ball rolling! you can turn your fitness around 180 in a matter of weeks. just be careful not to over train but like you said youve already been training

    good luck
  4. Para's train in Catterick not Pirbright, as for time, me getting to Pirbright will have taken 16 months minus 4 for medical deferment, 2 months for doctor losing medical forms and 4 months for there not being any course openings till April, so about 6 months if all goes well.
  5. who said they train at pirbright?
  6. my bold
  7. Maybe your not right for the Paras then. I'm sure if you wanted to be in the Paras that much then you wouldn't mind waiting the extra time it takes to get to the right fitness level.
  8. I started my application in September, just been told my start dat will be the end of Feb, I'm going for the Paras aswell.

    So 6 months, it's a long time & patience is definitly a virtue
  9. he was reffering to selection
  10. Where did he state that?
  11. It's taken me 6months, its quite a lengthy process. One piece of advice i can give that might help u, get you're med documents from ACO and take them to the doctor yourself then take them back to the ACO ...saves them being lost and the doctor taking ages to fill out / send off, i sat and watched my doctor fill them out saved me quite alot of time
  12. yea i'd say the same thing as well, get the documents from the doc, after he has filled them, and take them off yur self, saves yu alot of time, so yu kn where it is, and how long it's goin tk yu get...
  13. Its taken me since the start of last november 2007, only found out 2-3 weeks ago my date to start basic training in Catterick.
    Cant wait now though :D
  14. to be honest i started mine like early this year i think, so i cud say jus a couple of months, basically almost a yr tho...cos i start basic in i mean not far from yurs init, yu cant put a specific length on these things yu kn...
  15. I applied in June of this year. Got deferred for 2 years, it's now been cleared..... i did selection on the 18th of november.....and start basic for para's at Harrogate on the 4th of Jan, doing my oath tomorrow. :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.