How long does compo last?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex_mudmechanic, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. A colleague of mine from the ACF gave me a big bag of compo a while back so for dinner tonight I had chicken with dumping followed by treacle sponge pudding. It was absolutely delicious.

    Then I realised it was dated 2008.

    Am I going to die?
  2. It lasts at least a century, you girl.
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  3. I've already alerted the Western Justice Patrol to your filthy crime of handling stolen goods.

    Oh, and compo lasts for fucking ages. I turned my nose up at a box dated "9/98" the other day though.
  4. Well I have been issued some that was 10 years old before so I think you will be OK.
  5. Why? was it chicken sausage and beans, chocolate pudding? Or was it one of the older varieties missing a hotdog?
  6. I only turned it down because of its age. I should have risked it really, it had corned beef hash in it and I always loved that!
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  7. Thanks to the Falklands conflict the "Compo mountain" from the 60s got used up.
    Tinned food lasts a dogs age, you big girl.
  8. You Sir are a wasteful cunt, CORNED BEEF HASH...... it was like winning the lottery when you discovered you had that!!!
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  9. Yes! But it won't be because you ate contraband compo.
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  10. Yeah that or the beef stew & dumplings.
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  11. Thanks for the input everyone. I'm actually well aware that compo will outlast even the cockroaches and the insects. My question was in fact a cunning plan to generate some common sense (in the naafi ffs!) about the subject so that Mrs M stops whining at me about it!
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  12. Not as long as them Arabic Rolo's.
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  13. 'Tis true, that camel gonad preserve works wonders.
  14. You must be even older than me. It's boil in the bag now.
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  15. mmm green furry arabic rolos...