How long does CMSR take?

I am a former Rifleman who left the army about eight years ago. After such a long time I expect I'll have to do CMSR from scratch when I join the TA. I read that it takes up to a year to get to your unit. Is there a way of cutting this time down a bit? Is there an option of putting more weekends/evenings in to get through training faster?

I'll be 30 early in 2009 and I've wasted enough time already. I've started working on my fitness and want to be in the best possible condition and fit the ground running.

Ideally, I'd like to train as a CMT but beggars can't be choosers and to be honest I just want to get things squared away asap and get myself available for deployment.

Any advice would be gratefully recieved.

It depends on your unit's admin and when the next available CMSR is, bearing in mind you will have to complete a number of weekends before you go.

You have to do six weekends that run every other week, (if you have to miss a weekend you get back trooped a month), then the two week CMSR.

Not too sure about this one but you could enquire about the next Challenge events.

I doubt that you would do the full package, I believe there is a waiver for ex services out for an extended time to skip the weekends and go straight for the 2 weeks as a lot of whats covered on CMSR is revision of the 6 w/e, you already know it just need reminding and updating.

However, its dependent on your unit, some may force you down the whole shebang, others will seek a waiver for all of the training, my advice is prepare yourself for the worse and anythings a bonus, and being the TA it probably will be the worse that occurs

I was attested on 11 March and passed off on 19 July - I was lucky and could build my life around the TA for those months! Apparently our brigade is running a winter version of Midlands Challenge which is 2 weeks covering phases A and B then phase C straight after at an ATR. Dunno if others are running anything similar?

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