how long does a cat 1 pass last for

Discussion in 'Officers' started by thefootman, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Just quick one. Having passed RCB briefing how long does the this stay valid for. Thanks
  2. Is it for 5 years or untill you reach the age of 29. Can anyone help with this?
  3. I think it's seven years or until age 29, but again, I am not certain.
  4. Depends on the cat.

    Oh sorry, I thought the title read "How long does a Cat p*ss last for?"

  5. I think it is five years to take into account the chaps that do it straight from school and then swan off on a Gap year followed by some hard study at Uni. But why you would wait five years is anyones guess, get main board done et voila you have a confirmed job at the end of your 3 or 4 year drinking binge.

    Confirmed in the sense of being able to go to RMAS and then if you pass a job!
  6. Thought it was 7 years from passing or 27 years of age. I did it straight out of school for the GYC so I'm unsure if the limits were taking that into account.