How long does a bonus take?

i know i know, bonus's are a touchy subject with some soldiers getting them and others not, but im sure everyone has been entitled to some form of cash back from the Queen. although i am not a clerk i really cant see how hard it is to process a bonus and get it into the soldiers bank within a couple of weeks. unfortunately bonus's dont lie in the hands of those recieving them, if they did im sure we'd all have them within days of entitlement. ha! i am among a large number of soldiers who are waiting over 3 months, thats more than a quarter of a year. thats 3 pay statements, to recieve our bonus and still nothing. i myself spoke to the squadron pay clerk (and i'll give 'him' his dues), he telephoned the mighty Glasgow and low and behold they had forgot about the entire course, very handy eh?. This to me is incompetence, these clerks are employed as a pay processors and are clearly not reaching the required level. im sure that if we as soldiers were not performing what was written in our job description, we would be sacked or worse, put in charge of R & I. What is going on!
this isn't acceptable lads, I qalified for my 8 yr bonus in Jan an got it inside a month.
If anything give you friendly mean green filing machines a kick up the arrse as i'ts usualy them who are too idle to process your bonus.
I got mine after about 2 months ... it's just the TAX I paid!!!!

The bonus was 10K but I paid £4200 in TAX !!!

I am thankful for what I got but why tease us with one figure just to take a huge chunk away!!
Great isn't it? I qualified for my 8 yr money almost 3 months ago and thus far have seen nothing. Anyway, having pestered the Sqn clerk enough times I decided to do a bit of digging - turns out Glasgow haven't proccessed it because I've signed off. Fair enough you might think, however, there is just one thing I thought i'd point out to them - I haven't signed off - ever!
Ha! they said, we have a copy of AF B6848 - ammendment to terms of service - got ya!
Ha! says I, READ IT! IT'S A TIME BAR! Effective until Oct 2005... Ridiculous! Just remember these people are responsible for you career.....

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