How long do you wait for married quaters after Phase 2?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Sirtrev, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. I start phase 1 on 11th May for Int Corp and get married on 2nd May. Future wife asking so many questions relating to exact dates we will get our house after phase 2 and i dont have a clue. The ''im sure it will be quickly'' line not working any more.

    Does anyone have knowledge of how long im likely to be waiting for married quarters?

    Im sure its prob different depending on unit etc... but a rough idea will help. With only the 9 days after the wedding before 40 weeks training she is flapping and any info to calm her down would be helpful.
  2. normally it ios a 2 weeks wait until a house is allocated to you though it would be helpful if you knew where you were posted as then the local housing office can find out availablilty try calling your local hic (housing info centre)

    alt look at this site and find out what you are entitled to
  3. Thanks for the reply. No idea where i will be posted until during or after phase 2 but hoping on chicksands.

    two weeks is a good turn around. that should get the mrs off the subject for a while.......
  4. if you look at the jsp ref accommodation it states that the housing office have 2 weeks to reply to your housing req. also if you call up the dhe offices they might be able to inform you of your allocation as i dont know if you qual for a house until you have got your phase 3 out of the way? dont quote me on that i am just saying
  5. thanks, will follow up on the advice. do hope i get it after phase 2, she has been supportive all the way but as it gets nearer she is really flapping and the promise that we will be living together again on base after phase 2 is like her holy grail to get her thru the training. also concerns about renting out our house we have at moment and when to start ball rolling on that. il stick to the two weeks line for the moment with her while i investigate.
  6. Some weeks before your end of phase 2, you will recieve an assignment order. This then gives you authority to apply for a MQ at your unit location. The quicker your application goes in, the quicker they can allocate you a MQ.
  7. Brilliant, will stop worrying about it until then and get my nut back down to training for basic.