How long do you serve before you can specialise in EOD?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by TartanTrooper, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Can you apply staight after phase 2? and if you can how long will it be before you are trusted enough to defuse and dispose of ordinance yourself?
  2. or·di·nance (ôrdn-ns)
    1. An authoritative command or order.
    2. A custom or practice established by long usage.
    3. A Christian rite, especially the Eucharist.
    4. A statute or regulation, especially one enacted by a city government.

    ord·nance (ôrdnns)
    1. Military materiel, such as weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, and equipment.
    2. The branch of an armed force that procures, maintains, and issues weapons, ammunition, and combat vehicles.
    3. Cannon; artillery.

    But what you meant to write was actually 'explosive ordnance'.
  3. You can be posted to 33 straight after training. As a Sapper, you don't 'apply', you simply ask for 33 on your posting preference form. The people who do what you're imagining disposal consists of are Sergeants and above (BDOs - Bomb Disposal Officers). There are various courses you do as a junior rank that qualify you to mess around with various things but this does not include deciding whether to cut the red or blue wire. You do get hands on - expecially as a Full Screw - and search training as a Sapper qualifies you to do various things that could potentially put you at risk. In depth discussion of EOD and search doesn't really lend itself to a public forum but rest assured that it is unlikely to be anything like you imagine.
  4. do you enjoy it?
  5. You mean it's not like "Danger UXB" ? Couldn't pass up the chance to post a linkey to that.
  6. Has its moments..
  7. I'm not serving anymore but yes, I did like EOD. It depends on the individual - if you love your trade, building things etc, it's probably not for you. Ditto if you like the feel of being in a Regiment that deploys together and operates as a Unit. If your more the type of bloke who likes to specialise and operate with a bit more independence, you'll probably like it. The 'traditional' RE type of EOD often takes place in post-conflict zones, so 33's job goes on long after most other units are bored out of their minds (i.e in Bosnia). Whether it's an enjoyable thing to do in the current operational climate, you'll have to ask a serving member of the regiment. I'm sure one will be along soon....
  8. Slow day Wedge? :p
  9. As if by magic... :p
  10. In response to the OP, I am involved with the search side of things, not EOD?CMD whatever they want to call it. In my experience on tour, EOD/CMD were nowhere near as busy as search but that may well change in the near future...

    Day to day life in the U.K is reasonably chilled out, as long as you "play the game" but can get jiffed with pagers by passing courses!!
  11. If, for a pre Army hobby, you did metal detecting, are a dab-hand at large scale carpentry, had some experience in the mining or tunneling industry, or have ever created large and imaginative scaffolding art you are a shoe-in for a stimulating career with the "Everyones On Duty" (EOD). Eventually, sometime in the distant future, you MAY possibly be (professionally) involved with someone defusing a bomb. Then again you may not.

    Don't mock, print this out, keep it somewhere safe, then in about 12-15 years time, should you have gotten to EOD, take it out, read it and wonder at the wisdom of ARRSE.
  12. The words of a seasoned pager holder at the Grim!! :lol:
  13. HARSH ...................... but very very fair. 8)
  14. That's because you guys haven't found the IED/Munition yet.

    Sorry, couldn't resist it.
  15. Not bothered, don't mess about with the bomb side of things!! :lol: