How long do you running shoes last?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by carlbcfc, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. I was running in some shite Adidas "running shoes" up untill May this year and suffering painfull legs after my runs lasting a day or 2.

    So I went to the local Up & Running and was fitted with a pair of Brooks GTS9.

    It cured me, so I put the pain down to the previous shoes not being right for my gait.

    My training was fine untill I went on holiday at the start of August, due to that, I didnt train for just under 2 weeks.

    After my hols, although im still training more than ever, I feel like im going backwards and are starting to get painfull legs after my runs, and now have a slight hamstring strain.

    I reckon ive put close to 150-200 miles on the trainers, could they have lost their spring and be causing the pain?

    I also must add I had a mate training with me in July and that slowed me down a lot. Could this be why I feel ive gone backwards?
  2. When should I replace my trainers?

    Trainers lose their cushioning after 300-600 miles of running, so to help prevent pain and injury you'll need to replace them after you've run this distance. Once you can see that the heels have worn down, the trainers need to be changed. How long your trainers last, of course, is up to you and your training plan.

    According to one source, but many sources will say many things!
  3. Mine have lasted years! :)
  4. It all depends on your weight and how much running you do. It might be worth putting some Sorbothane Heel Pads in your trainers to help with shock absorbtion. I tend to replace mine every 8 months, sooner if they look knackered.
  5. Benn advised by a mate on physio very 30 - 60 miles is better
  6. Heel pads are better for tendon injuries.
  7. Get your gait analysed by a properly qualified physio/ SPECIALIST (my bold) running shop with the correct equipment and ask their opinion. Also see Arrsepedia on problem feet :D
  8. You actually helped me when I had the original problem a few months back. I done all that and have been fine untill I returned from hols (in the UK, so no DVT),. Could the Brooks GTS9s be flattened. I am just under 15st.
  9. Oops! At my age the memory starts to go :roll: LOL It could well be, go back to the shop where you got them from and and ask them to check. Take the insoles out and look at them and the base of the shoe. If they looked worn or compressed, probably best to replace them :)
  10. And your laces. :wink:
  11. You spotted my 'wah' then?! :wink:
  12. On the subject of wear, Nike Dart are shite and I'm never buying Nike again.

    I wonder if great cushioning just makes it easier to hit the ground harder. I seem to remember almost floating when I was running - no up and down and a really smooth push.
  13. Nice sentiment, but I can't afford to change my trainers every day.