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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jdingers, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. I would like to ask do we actully work 24hrs per day
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    No your paid 24 hours a day and when ordered to you will work 24 hours a day
  3. 1. If you have to ask that, then you have never worked at that level!

    2. It's actually 23hrs 58 mins, as my old Sarn't Major used to say, because midnight is 2359hrs and 0001hrs follows immediately afterwards. Those two minutes are your very own; make the very best use of them! :D

  4. ok thanks
  5. Well i have worked at that level many a time what i actully meant was are we contracted for 24hrs cause if we are i sure as hell am not getting the national minimum wage. for example i will be working 0600 monday morning to 0700 tuesday morning thats 25 hrs which works out at about £2 per hour.
  6. The following do not qualify for the NMW: the genuinely self-employed, genuine volunteers, apprentices under 19, or within the first 12 months of their apprenticeship, students doing work as part of their undergraduate or post-graduate course, workers on certain training schemes, residents of certain religious communities, prisoners, the armed forces and share fishermen.

    However, there are no exemptions according to size of business or by sector, job or region. All workers including pieceworkers, homeworkers, agency workers, commission workers, part-time workers and casual workers must receive at least the NMW

  7. Does anyone know of any reason why the armed forces are not entitied to the nmw.
  8. because if they paid us an hourly wage we might actually have a decent amount of money.
  9. Becuase its not needed??

    There should be a different mechanism to compensate soldiers on a high tempo job.

    Then how do you compare lads on Ops getting fragged over 15+hrs to someone fragging the kettle over a 24hr duty?

    I think your looking at this in the wrong way, as just to get more money rather than more money to justify what you do.
  10. In my experince having worked 24 hours only a handful of times on excersie. (not saying it dosent happen a lot more though)
    I dont think we do to badly really. In barracks do you think you work a 40 hour week really. All those weeks were in barracks we never work weekends (well rarely) although were still paid for it.
    Those rare occasions the SSM is feeling in a good mood on a thursday night. You still get paid on a friday.
    Even if you do work friday its normally only a half day. etc etc.
  11. I remember my CO telling me in the late 90s that we are not payed 24 hours a day but we are paid a daily wage (some kind of legal difference) we also supposed to adher to civvie legal working hours with the exception of when we go on ops or are training for ops (exercises).
  12. I can see where your coming from with the daily rates but the goverment just doesnt pay us enough and i think that is really unfair. I know people that work offshore and make £60000 and up for 6 months work.
  13. So why did you join then fuckwit? You were shown the pay scales when you were at the ACIO. You have obviously not been on tour yet if you have only worked a 24hr on exercise.

    You have no grounds whatsoever to be bitching. Wait til you go on Ops.
  14. Im not saying that wages dont need looking at. But quoteing figures like £60,000 is pointless. It just isnt going to happen. None of us joined the forces to get rich. And none of us expect anywhere near that figure.
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