How long do we have to wait for basic to start????

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wingy24, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi all.

    OK, I first applied to join June 2006, had selection in January 2007 and passed, now waiting for a date to start Phase 1 basic training.

    I'm 25, an Engineer and i'm looking to join the Royal Engineers as a DD Design Draughtsman.

    My question is how long is it going to take to finally get to Lichfield ? It seems like my life is on hold and its starting to get to me a bit, with people asking "when are you going in ?" all the time.

    I have rang Chelmsford AFCO loads of times, and have been told to just wait...........

    How long do the Army normally give you to pack up ship and do the off?

    Thanks for any replies...

  2. 3-6 months usually.
  3. They will give you about a month generally from attestation but you will get a few months notice about your start date. Normally 3 - 6 months from when you completed your barb test as stated above, or if the job you want to do is full you will have to hang on till a space opens up and your phase 1 will end just as the next phase two intake in your particular field starts, so its better for all parties, you don't want to be stuck in an afco for 2 months waiting for phase two.....At least that what i got told.

  4. My son had his selection last August and is going in on 19th March (at last lol).
    Good luck.
  5. dont forget to move while he is away, thats what my mum did :threaten:
  6. Oh, I didn't realise it was that long....I thought the Army is supposed to be short of people? Its a joke really isn't it?

    I've been ready to do the off for ages now... Another 6 months sounds terrible. One good thing, I will be nice and super fit when I go in LOL!

    I think it's time to go on holiday then no?

    Thanks for the quick replies..

  7. alright mate,
    i think i was at selection with you, did u go on the 18th jan? because i remember someone there going in to be a design sure its you...i was number 14!

    p.s i start pirbright april 16th.
  8. Alright mate, :wave:
    Yeah that was me! Can't remember the face though, can you jog my memory? What were you joining again, Guards wasn't it?

    Really enjoyed selection, it was sooo funny trying to get a kip after day 1, what with all the nutters running about LOL
    :tongue: , that run was killer because we had had no sleep. Do you remember "Fish"? Man he was a funny dude! Shame he didn't pass, would have really liked someone like that in the barracks, soooo funny.

    April doesn't sound too bad! When did you find that out, did they ring you or contact you by mail?

    Anyways take it easy, speak soon. :thumright:

  9. ooooh get a room
  11. they mailed me, i was the mixed race lad, the one who got caught smoking and ended up doing a thousand press ups and also got the highest number of heaves (16)...yeah fish/preach was a funny kid and that lad who turned the light on at 3am and we all thought it was 5am and started making the beds until someone shouted its 3 in the fecking morning lol was a right laugh.

    ill pm ya anyway.
  13. TOO Funny! I remember you now, hope it all goes well for you. Be sure to pm when your in let me know what its like.

    Did you piss in Butlers coffee or something? Looks like he's got the right hump LOL :mad:

  15. Wingy,

    I like it, You'll go far.