how long do u have 2 train for before u become a soldier?

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by eddy, Dec 2, 2004.

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  1. how long do u have to train for before u become a soldier?
  2. you smooth talking young whippersnapper!!!!
  3. Eddy

    I think it would take "u" a while.
  4. Theres a weekly allowance of 15 minutes with one of the NAAFI pole-dancers. You can save it all up for Christmas, or, if you dont waste any time, you can get lucky everyday.
  5. The training never stops sunshine!
  6. GCES in txt spk?
    Did u get a gr8 grade?

    What is the world coming to?



    IMHO :roll: 8O

    If you are trying to ask how long phase 1 training lasts - I don't know, mine lasted 6 months, but that was 15 years ago.
  8. Mighty_Blighty..........


    RRR :twisted:
  9. Dpeedns how cleever you you are I sugegst jionnig the engiers. tehy bolw tings up an all. innit.
  10. Also posted in tall stories-jokes thread, but I couldn't resist

    1.What do you call a Chav in a box?

    2. What do you call a Chav in a filing cabinet?

    3. What do you call a Chav in a box with a lock on it?

    4. What do you call an Eskimo Chav?

    5. Why are Chavs like slinkies?
    They have no real use but it's great to watch one fall down a flight of stairs.

    6. What do you call a Chavette in a white tracksuit?
    The bride.

    7. If you see a Chav on a bike, why should you try not to hit him?
    It might be your bike.

    8. What's the difference between a Chav and a coconut?
    One's thick and hairy, the other's a coconut.

    9. What's the first question at a Chav quiz night?
    "What you lookin' at?"

    10. How do you get 100 Chavs into a phone box?
    Paint three stripes on it.

    11. 2 Chavs in a car without any music. Who's driving?
    The police.

    12. Where do you take a Chavette for a decent night out?
    Up the gary!

    :lol: come on, its funny, honest! :D
  11. It took me a year, as back then we had Junior Leaders Regiments. They did wonderful things like teach you to spell correctly.
  12. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    But did not spend too much time on grammar? :wink:
  13. No. They dropped the grammar module in favour of advanced bumpering.
    Do they still use bumpers in training?
  14. bumpers your having a laugh, carpets all the way. (aaah bless there little cotton socks)
  15. I bet you really want to join up now don't you? No? Aah well never mind eh