How long do promotion courses take? Are they different lengths per regiment?

Gout Man

Book Reviewer
In the Guards it was six weeks or so to get LCpl.
Two weeks of Drill, you were riffed about, then you were taught how to give the drill orders. Then room and locker inspections every morning, it was like been back in basic training.
Then it was two weeks of weapons instruction, again locker inspections every morning.
Finally as we were a infantry regiment it was two weeks of tactics, classroom and out In the field.
All that just for two tapes but the pay of a one tape. (Silly guards tradition brought in by Queen Victoria).
Was it worth it? Well not for me, I passed the first two stages then got hopelessly lost on my tactics one horrible dark rain soaked night and failed. So all that effort for nothing. Made my mind up though to get out after the upcoming NI tour, I went on to better things, if I had passed I most probably would have stayed in.