How long , do it take them to clear your medical and that ?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by recce, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. Waiting to hear if they cleared my med , and that i can move on to the next stage of recruitment.
    The afco sent it on 1st Sept.
    Done my Barb , just waiting for that , and dont want to misout on the last intake of the year.
  2. No comment.
  3. lol mine took 14 weeks :evil: :evil: :evil: cuss they mest it bloodey up lol but most take like 2 to 3 weeks depends how lucky u are just keep ring them to see how its doing mate thats what i did i rang up today and they said i am good so im off for my interview on the 4th :D
  4. Ghees, they sent mine back , they need some ******* GP to sign the dam thing .
    But they did not even look at my medical that i have done whith the marines . And i am not reggistered with a GP.
    So bad news was alround today.
    Goodluck armyboy

    (they pay the cnut £65 to ******* sign it and i have been turnd down 2 today because i have not been reggistered with a GP and they don't have my medical records )
  5. mine took just under a week