How long do I have to continue defending?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. I swore the Oath in 1975 and quite right to. When I left the army in 2000, I was sort of expecting a bit of paper that said it was now void and not to worry too much about about it. But I didn't get such a piece of paper and have continued to worry about it to date.

    Am I still expected to defend Her Maj, her heirs and successors against all enemiesl? I mean, if she is in danger from an assassin or something am I expected to jump on a train and get up the Palace schnell maken? I keep a grab bag in the shed for such an occasion, but it's me back and knees see ... don't know how well they would stand up to a bit of sudden Royal defending.

    Not that I am against the Queen (love her to bits I do) or indeed defending her in a less strenuous way like gentle debate. But it seems to me like it's a never ending obligation this Oath thingy ... what with heirs and successors and all. And to be fair, when I swore it I didn't know that a lot of her heirs and successors would turn out so ... ginger.


    So ...

    Is the Oath void when I left the army or do I have to swear allegiance to someone else to make it void? If so could I swear one to someone less demanding ... suggestions?

    Or ...

    Should we swear a new Oath on retirement that states quite clearly that nothing strenuous is required in the defending ... and that the said defending might not include the ginger ones?
  2. I don't think you have to do it for 'Hewits' sprog...the added bonus is he's the most gwar out of all of them....
  3. If you were transferred to the reservists or long-term reservists this holds until you are 55 I believe.
  4. But not at the same level of defending what with my back and knees.
  5. I thought it was 45?
  6. Must admit that I was a bit confused when I had to do it again when I rejoined, but was told to stop asking fcking stupid questions as the bar was open.
  7. Absolutely ... possession of a pair of knees is a condition of being 'below knee' :wink:
  8. i did wonder about the use of the plural knees, as i was unaware it was a bka K13. Thanks for the clarification.

    I am unable to help with the Oath thing though. However, I thought they (Oaths) were binding until the person the oath was sworn to released you from it.
  9. But Jarrod did ... and he's medical :)

    ... she's not said anything yet?
  10. Perhaps you could look at downgrading the Oath a bit - to take into account the change in circumstances, pedally-speaking? "I swear by Almighty God to get a bit cross*...", that sort of thing.

    Alternatively, could you perhaps 'defend in Person, Crown and Dignity' from home? As long as you've got the internet it shouldn't be too much of a strain to do the old cyber-upholding in between Ordnance Disposal gigs. Oath upheld, back rested - everyone's a winner.

    *I was going to suggest 'hopping mad' but that would have been a bit tasteless, even by my low standards.
  11. Jarrod's a nurse, no? So am I.

    Would you like me to ask Lilibet to release you from it K?

  12. Have you thought about writing to the daily hate? They'd love a story about Soldiers human rights, and being held to a contract for life (maybe get a slavery link in too). Were you young , innocent and easily led at that age? (underage link too)


    I'd like 10% of any profits made from this suggestion.

  13. Yes, yes Mr Cassidy, we appreciate your concerns. I had a meeting with the Medical Board this morning and as of Monday next we are transferring your 'defending' allegiences to Le President - 'Boney' Blair :D
    Do enjoy............... any further queries?
  14. I was only 16 ... definitely stinks of grooming.

    Maybe I could offer to re-sit my Oath and swear one like this?

    I swear by [insert deity or dearest thing here] that I will usually be faithful and bear most of my allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors that are not ginger and that I will as in duty bound mostly get a little upset if someone is rude to Her Majesty, her heirs and successors that are not ginger. I further swear that I will, to the best of my limited ability, taunt her enemies from distance and will attempt to support all orders of Her Majesty, her heirs and successors that are not ginger and of important people who might reward me.
  15. Try writing a nice letter to Betty explaining about your knees and what-not and ask nicely if you can be excused games...don't forget to get a note from her to give to Sir.