how long did people on tranche 1 wait for the cash

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by cazcross86, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. i'm due to leave 11th dec 2012 and would like to know just how nice Christmas day will/will not be!
  2. I waited four months.
  3. Seems harsh.

    Can it be speeded up or even given early? So that you can sort out your housing, etc?
  4. 4 months!!! is that standard or was there a mess up?
  5. I left on Tranche 1.

    Waited about 3 weeks for the SCP.

    About a week later gratuity arrived.

    Pension started bang on time.

    Very Happy!!

  6. thanks gijoe! just what i wanted to hear :D lets hope that happens!
  7. You sound put out. Poor you.
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  8. Hi cazcross86,
    I'm in the same situation. It would be nice if the 'powers that be' can give a definitive date when we will all get our money. I feel sorry for all those people who are relying on that money to get a house or set themselves up for the start of civvy street. I have heard a couple of rumors, the first one is that it will take 3 weeks for the resettlement money to be paid, then a week after for the gratuity. The second is that as little as 5 days to get all your money. Either way, it would be nice to know exactly when its coming so we can start to get things sorted.x.x
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  9. This is because officers are I/C paying out, if the toms were doing it, it would be cash in a bag on handing in your kit.
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  10. My pension lump sum and commutation is hitting my bank tomorrow according to my online banking !!