How long did it ake you to get through your Phase 1 training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by DazComet, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. How long did it take you to get through your Phase 1 training...

    I have just joined the TA, and i want to join the Regular instead because i believe i will progress alot quicker. Do you guys think i should just go along with it for a while or apply for Regs sooner than later.

    I want to be living army life right now and not having to wait for the weekend and then coming back to normal again, so on.

    Also how often is the weekend training, can i go every weekend or is it fortnightly?

    I can see Phase 1 stretching all the way into next year. I cant be having that.
  2. If you want to join the Regs then join the Regs outright, the TA is a different setup, it's not intended to fast track personnel through super quick; most TA soldiers have jobs and that means their time is limited.

    If your intention is to go regular, then do that, if it's to be a part time soldier then accept that Phase 1 will take sometime (though there is no reason why you won't complete training up to your two week recruit course in six to nine months).

    Decide what you want :?
  3. I was attested in the March and passed off in the July so it's possible to just plough through if you clear your diary and accept it's going to be a busy few months.
  4. 18 months.

    But I was trying to balance working in Germany with being a recruit..
  5. So what happens after Phase 1? ... Im infantry, so i wont be doing the trade training. Do i go to Catterick? Will that be just fortnigtly weekends aswell?

    Im going to see about joining the regs, damn i wish id just done that in the first place.
  6. I think mine was around 3 and a half months the first time round.

    But it is possible to get the Ph1 bit squared away in just 2 weeks as part of a wider 'Challenge'.
  7. The earliest you will get in the regular Infantry at the moment unless you are joining Scot Divsion is January, the regulars are about to make some important decisions about recruiting which effectively could see us slowing down recruiting until then ;)

    Recruiting has in a nutshell outsripped vacancies for most jobs now and if you were applying for regular Army today, then unless you were applying for a difficult to recruit trade then you could be in for a lengthy wait as lots of trades or cap badges now have no vacancies left this side of April 2010.

    In short it may be an idea to continue with your TA training and ride the storm out for now.
  8. I finished phase one on one of those 2 week courses, just have to wait until November/December to get phase two done.
  9. Took me near on two years.

    But then, I'm a busy chap and the Army only want me for my civvie job so both they and I thought I should concentrate on my ole 9-5 before worrying about marching off any stylish parade grounds in Surrey.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Took me 5 weekends....

  11. Wasn't that back in days of yore though :wink:
  12. RSW August 2008, Passed out June 2009.
  13. RSW 12 June 09 Phase 1 finishes 10 Jan 10
  14. Attested April, got my 'fully trained soldier' certificate in August. Got to Class 1 in my trade within 2 years.

    It took all my holiday from my civvie job for 2 years and a hell of a lot of nagging the PSI's to get myself loaded onto trade courses. Oh yes - it helps to pass with more than 95% if you want to get loaded onto the next course for trade advancement.

    ... Apparently I got to Class 1 faster in the TA than I would have done as a reg. I think it depends on motivation, commitment and hard work.

    In a way I regret doing it so quickly as since getting my Class 1 it's been a bit of anticlimax. I'm thinking of re-capbadging as I've got no where left to go in my trade. :(
  15. I bet it's a wank trade. There's more to being a class 1 than just attending courses. You should have some kind of improved experience in there somewhere.