how long can you be on duty for.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by WRAPJOBAGAIN, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. how long can you be on duty for.

    just want to know how long you can be on duty for. as a mate of mine is on 6 weeks duty for 24 hours a day none stop. and the duty involves drivein.

    any help in this matter would not go a miss.

  2. Depends if its a sleeping duty
  3. To put this into context - how does the Army conform with the European Working Hours directive?
  4. Have a look at ArmyNET you barracks room lawyer's biatch, you! There is a DIN or ACI or whatever they are called these days on there.
  5. Depends on who and how much you p1ss someone off!

  6. yes but you are on the phone and pager 24/7
    and what about drivers hours.
    as we fill in the drivers hours sheet but that means nothing.
  7. dont need to do that we are undermaned.
    thats why i have asked about this.
  8. [quote
    as we fill in the drivers hours sheet but that means nothing.[/quote]

    I think you will find that that is bollax.

    Speak to your MTO or Master Driver.
  9. You can be on duty 24/7/365.

    Ask the guys in 11 EOD Regt. The CO has a waiver for the drivers hours - and in any event they don't apply to HM Forces, contrary to popular belief.

    I can't be bothered to find the legislation, someone else no doubt will.
  10. Yes they do, unless you are in an operational unit/environment.
  11. Can't be bothered to argue as it is too late.

    But to get to the point the secretary of state for defence decreed that HM Forces would comply with drivers hours as far as was reasonably practicable - this has nothing to do with operations, where in fact drivers hours are adhered to where possible.

    The point is HM Forces do not have to comply - they have to comply as far as is reasonable in the circumstances, unlike a civilian firm who have to comply irrespective of the circumstances.

    The army is full of MDs who do not actually know what the HASAWA 1974 says nor understand the principles of the duty of care, and have not read the european working time directives.

    Take it or leave it - I am not arrsed.
  12. Conventional Munitions Disposal tasks fall under the heading of OP Whatever. So the guys at 11 EOD are on Operational Duty when they deploy to the task. It's a bit more of a gray area once the task is complete and the team are to return to base. This bit may well fall under a non-operational move, but it needs somewone with a better understanding of the MOD Regs to figure out the answer.

    Wrap, why on earth are you asking this on an open forum?

    The stock get out clauses are often quoted by the hierachy and there may be some interesting questions to answer, should someone have an RTA which involves a civillian fatality. It's only a matter of time, with 11 Regt attending 2000+ incidents a year; I forget what the mileage covered is, but the law of averages say its going to happen soon.
  13. thankyou all for the help. you put to me on this matter.
  14. At last I have a bitch, hang on, its not one of those fat lezzers mentioned in that locked thread is it? :omfg:
  15. Tell your "friend" to stop whining and get on with his work. I am sure you, sorry, your friend isn't the only one.

    You get paid 365 days a year, get on with it and look froward to when thing ease off a bit or leave comes round. It could be a lot worse - talk to the guys in Iraq, Afghan etc