How long can we have 3 services?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chibber, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Heard deputy chief of defence staff talking recently about there being insufficient money for all the things they'd like to provide (kit, salary, housing etc). No new news here, except I have the solution!

    Seems to me that we've got 3 service HQs, more admirals that we have ships and loads of air marshals kicking their heels. If we chopped a service, we could save a packet and spend the money where it's needed and the RAF seems a likely target.

    Aircrew- army air corps.
    RAF Regt- I don't seem that defence of an airfield is much different from any other role the infantry perform.
    Aircraft techies- REME
    Suppliers- RLC

    I don't know every trade in the RAF but I'm sure we can fit the buggers into the army somewhere (I know it means lowering the standard, depleting the genepool etc but we'll help them raise their game).

    We could save a fortune and spend it on improving the quality of life and kit we have to work with. What do you think?

    PS- dunno what to do with the navy, seems to me they're not really busy nowadays.
  2. Thats one step from amalgamating the Grenadiers with some chippy rifles regiment, sorry but we have 3 services for very good reasons, the navy and airforce just couldnt cut it in the army :D

    No offence :lol:
  3. Can't ever see the day we'll have a single "Armed Force". What I can foresee is the amalgamation of the Army into a single unit with the various corps being commanded by a single command structure.

    It won't be popular amongst the nostalgia brigade and regimental historians but it'll be a government decision, and they don't care if they're popular or not.
  4. We have heard it all before. Why not go a step further and make all the Navy Pilots Army Air Corp as well, it will give them a chance to play on the boats as well. Why keep all the fun for the Navy.

    Could the REME cope with the workload? they had to ask for a load of RAF techs to help with the Apache avionic suite.

    If you incorporated all the RAF aircrew into the Army it woulf be top heavy with RAF so would still be done their way, not what you want to achieve.

    Maybe if the forces were given more money to fund the equipment needed you would not see the problems you see today such as 8 harriers to provide air cover in Afganistan.

  5. Have a look to Canada and how their experiment on this very idea went.
  6. A single joint command can/will only work if they went all ‘Starship Troopers’ and made it so officers needed to serve in all branches before being given a command.

    That way you avoid they 'Armed Force' being run by an ex RAF guy and avoid the inevitable doctrinal shift towards air power at the expense of everything else.
  7. Simple:

    Fast jets etc - navy
    Support stuff, which generally is used to support the army - army

    The way the RAF work we will have to be careful or it will be the other way round and the Navy and Army will be absorbed into the RAF!
  8. Didn't work well in Canada and very demoralizing - Regiments lost distinction in their uniforms, the bureaucracy become even more bloated
  9. Just sack the RAF, last in first out!
  10. hahhaaa

  11. :D cracking, even if by accident.
  12. Yadda yadda yadda, same sh!te different day. Same argument surfaces every so often, what's up? Can't think of an orginal topic? How's about we get rid of The Parachute Regiment? Let's face it, the last time they did their job properly, ie jumped into action via parachute, was in the 1950's, Suez I think.
    The RAF is just as valuable as any of the other 2 services, the Army needs fast air, Air Transport and big helicopters.
  13. fast air- I agree that should go to the navy, they're better at it than the RAF anyway.
    Air Transport- sounds like the RLC to me.
    Helicopters- they should all be in the army air corps. or maybe the navy, we can work that out once we've burned down cranwell and shredded all the blue suits.

    And while there are so many cherry berets at the top of the army's food chain we're unlikely to disband the Paras. They're good at what they do anyway.

    RAF Liney- which part of the army would you like to be transferred into?
  14. So you've never flown from Brize then :roll:
  15. How long can we have 3 services?

    About 5' 11"

    apologies to Gunner Milligan...