How long can i have my application on hold?

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Sorry if there's another thread for this, but had a scan around and couldn't find entirely what i was looking for.

I had my pre-selection at the start of November. I went into this thinking i only had to do a run time of 14mins, which was the target for my chosen job. I then found out, on the day of me IDST, my recruitment office wanted me to do in in under 10minutes, or they wouldn't send me to ADSC (makes sense thinking back on it tbh, 14 minutes is pretty shocking).

Anyway, as you can guess, i failed, badly, and was told i would have to come back and do another pre-selection. My recruitment office wanted me to go away for 2 months, improve my time, then come back for another at the start on January. However i didn't think i would be ready for then, so I decided to put my application on hold until i was ready. The recruitment office seemed fine with this, and just told me to call back when i was ready.

So, I asked around various running forums, looking for help to get my time down to 10 minutes. I decided to start on a basic training programme, designed to get me running 30 minutes continuously, which i completed last week.

I tested my run time again today, and was still wasn't able to get it under 10 minutes (pretty pathetic, i know). So i'm going to have to do another, more advanced training programme now, taking even more time.

Anyway, my quetion is, how long can my application be on hold for?

When scanning other threads i saw that the BARB tests etc. only last a year. Is this true?

With my application being on hold for nearly 3 months now, and me still needing more time, is it likely I'm going to have to start from the beginning again? Or would I be ok, as long as i got to ADSC before a year had passed from me starting my application?

Oh, btw I'm fine with all the other fitness requirements, it's just the running. Is this a common problem? Surely it shouldn't take 4 months to shave 4 minutes off my running time. Or am i just not trying hard enough?


I excel at most of the things the army asked for in terms of strength and logic (not to sound too much of an ego-maniac) but running is my big downfall. I'm currently at around 10:10 and dropping steadily but nowhere near as fast as some people seem to be able to get there times down. It varies from person to person, I'm more of a strength and endurance sort of guy so this almost sprinting lark is a bugger. Just keep yourself working at it and you'll get there though.

I put my application on hold to pursue a commision for officer instead, that was in July and I spoke to my Sergeant 2 weeks ago who said I'd be fine to go back even in May when I expect to have my final selection and just reopen my app and book my ADSC without doing anymore interviews/selection/BARB and that's 10months.

The best person to ask would be your ACO, they will be able to tell you more accurately, however if you were only at the PSAC stage then even if they made you start a fresh entry, it shouldn't take you more than a month to catch back up.
Cheers for the reply. Will probs give them a ring next week or something. Just to let them know I haven't forgotten about it and it's still what i wanna do.
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