How long can an AT last out of trade

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Kenwhamean, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. Due to the shortage in the AT trade I have heard that posts were opening up in ATR Pirbright and other recruitment teams. If so are these posts of benefit to the AT posted there, due to the high profile these jobs will bring? Will that AT learn skills his/her peers will not? How long a post 6 month, 1/2 year before they fall behind the curve or suffer skill fade? What rank is best suited to recruit young soldiers to the trade without affecting there own career? Can we afford to send a much needed AT?

    Although this is a subject mostly for AT,s. comment from other trades who have served in these TRG establishments is most welcome.
  2. ATs cannot march so why ATR Pirbright. You would not last 10 minutes mate.
  3. Its not Pirbright that they are heading too but i think to the Recruitment Offices or RRT's. In my humble personal opinion i dont actually think having an AT as a Recruiter will work as no matter what cap badges we come from ultimatley its going to be the applicant that chooses his job, In this day and age stearing and persuading applicants is a no go area and to qualify as suitable for potential AT their GCSE's and BARB are bodering on Officer. The AT would just be drawn into the world of Recruiting for the Army and not soley for the Trade. Can the RLC afford the loss of so many AT's?

    The art of recruiting AT's is knowing the job, knowing the good and the bad, I'm a Sup Spec with extensive knowledge of the Trade and thats my selling point for the trade, Being able to describe the job and not gloss over it is the key. In my Office i deal soley with potential AT's as the lads know i have the facts to hand, even if they are not my particular applicant the guys pull me in and if they are keen i take over. So far its working out well and i have one enlisting soon and another three on the books and all within 7 months of being in the job.
  4. First bit, since when? Lots of 'interested in AT' people claim they were told "just join as (insert short fall trade) then re-trade. Get through basic and walk before you run......etc". I certainly didn't choose my trade. I signed up as RE (as persuaded by and RE recruiter) then the chap at the ACIO rang as said "....No room yet......Have you considered AT in the RAOC......" I replied "No. What is the RAOC?"

    Second bit; see the above

    Third bit; we generally like to think that they (the officers) are bordering on good enough for AT (I can hear the blustering already!)

    Fourth bit; No, but we may need to in the long run. Probably attachments would work better in a display team type manner. There would be too much time out at recruiter cse and the like for a full screw or junior Sgt, they'd fall behind and we'd lose one for too long.
  5. 1st and 2nd
    yes, i agree with you in some respect, I wanted to be a Door Gunner with the AAC back in 86, but was persuaded to go RAOC, I didn't even know what the RAOC was. and we can all say the same thing, the fact that it was the Recruiter that ultimatley decided our fate!, Does that mean as a Recruiter i have to do the same irrespective of OPP Trades!,

    3rd bit
    Usually potentail ATS would require GCSE C's and above but generally they have B-A with a BARB of 60+, Thankfully we dont recruit potential Offciers, They are directed down the road, but when you have an applicant you have to say that they have the chance to go Officer if they wish, Its a tough call, but most who come through the door know they want soldier over Officer.

    4th bit
    An AT on an RRT would make no difference whatsoever unless they have a spare wheelbarrow in thier back pockets, The RRT's brilliant as they are and ive worked with a few, cannot recruit, thats why they send a Recruiter on them as and when deemed appropriate. Best idea would be to have an AT with wheel barrow on the MDT for 3 months at a time, that way they would not miss out on their trade courses and licensing etc

    At present there is an AT Look At Life programme in place which is an excellent tool as its AT dominated,
  6. There is already an AT attached to the RRT with what seems to be some success. He has been given his own budget and a trailer has been designed with tests/games to try and attract the more technical youth. Also this trailer will go to different events than the usually Midlands soldier etc. Air displays etc will be encompassed. For this AT there does not seem to be the problem of being out of trade due predominately to the fact that he is the first of his kind and with that attracts attention from his superiors.

    ACIOSHOTSWIFTOS I have it on good authority that this post in ATR Pirbright is there already and the trail to find someone to fill that post has begun. As far as the wheelbarrow and the rest of the toys an EOD bomb van brings these are spamed from regt. I don't think we could spare the kit for 3 month.
  7. I visited the AT Look at Life a few weeks ago, The AT in question is well sorted and the programme is excellent, I knew he had the budget but not the caravan and toys, obviously a new arrival, I was commenting on the rumour of having many AT's involved with all the RRT'S overall. As for an AT at Pirbright what exactley would the role be? purely as an "MTI" etc etc etc. by the time the applicant gets to Pirbright they have already been allocated thier trades and cap badges.

    I suppose we could always poach other cap bagdes technical recruits but then we would start a wicked circle.

    In competion with the AT trade are the following:

    GEO RE

    In our Office we have never had anybody directly asking to be an AT, reason why? At 16 they have never heard of the job until we tell them about it, Despite all the publicity!! you try and find some one at school that actually watches the News or reads the papers, Surprise Surprise that they all know we have Helicopters and Mechanics etc, why, because those cap badges advertise their spec trades very well and in an exciting way.

    Sadly, though the biggest Corps we dont have the assests to use frequently enough to promote this particular trade that though im not an AT is close to my heart and i hope that things take a massive turn around else we just may loose the trade, I'm doing my bit though i am just a small cog in a very very big wheel
  8. "As for an AT at Pirbright what exactley would the role be? purely as an "MTI" etc etc etc. by the time the applicant gets to Pirbright they have already been allocated thier trades and cap badges. "

    I think I may have been under the wrong impression. I thought even in training you had the option to change trade if not in basic at phase 2. I think the AT would be employed as an MTI which may or may not give him/her skills they would not develop within the rank and file of 11 Regt.

    Recruiting AT,s at 16 I believe we now have places at the apprentice collage. It might not help that the only TV ad to mention our trade shows 2 AT,s working on a missile we don’t even remove from the canister, and that dosen,t reflect the best bits of the trade.

    The trade sells itself all that needs to be done is to stop treating it as the secret it seems to be. People like yourself in recruitment offices who know about the trade and the immense diversities it offers must be putting steps in the right direction. More of you in more offices might help.
  9. Yea, I do agree with that, Ive worked within the AT world on and off for years and have many mates within it, As you say, The trade has been in the Shadows for too long, maybe, to its detrement, As for more of me, well, they broke the mould, hehehe! ;0)
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    There is now a potential AT interview before the pot AT even gets anywhere near basic training. Conducted by AT WOs and a Capt under the supervision of the ACIO. I think they are looking at least 200 + a year to allow for natural wastage.
  11. About two months in your ice box, but up to two years in a home freezer set at -18
  12. Chuckle factor 10/10 hehehe
  13. Would that mean potential you could have an intake filled with AT recruits, no other trade? They might need an AT instructor there to make sure they start to gain training in the dark side.
  14. Well i have not heard anything about an ACIO veing involved, They have to do the CAB now but with an ACIO?????????