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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MadBiker, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi All

    Firstly i will apollogies now if this has been asked to death, I have done a search and couldn't find anything.

    Now for my Question : - How long do i have between application going in and going on pft? (on average)

    I ask because i have heard differing times between 6-12 weeks

    I will say it before anyone else, i am a fat git who is trying to get fit by doing gym work etc, press-up and sit ups I'm not worried about but my running is total sh*t. :oops:

    I would like to know how long i have before pft/ risk reduction test so i can adapt my training accordingly.

    Many thanks for the hopefully help full advice ( without too much slagging of )
  2. Why would you apply if you're not up to scratch? Surely you'd be better off getting to the standard required, then applying?
  3. Sadly princealbert,

    I was a stupid git that thought he was fitter than i actually was,

    had already started the paper work and am determined to get my fitness level up

    I was disgusted with myself when i realised how unfit i am as i had always been reasonably active
  4. I suggest you log off and get out for a run then :D
  5. RSW (Recruit selection weekend) - You'll do a 1.5 mile run. Pass time is less than 14 minutes. Mostly.
  6. Hi Karl_uk

    Thanks for your post, how long on average have i got till RSW?

    I realise this will be different from unit to unit.
  7. depends on when you have done your medical and which brigade you are under, london district run RSW's 1st weekend of every month so if you do your medical at the start of the month it would be around 3-4 weeks before you do the RRR at the RSW,
  8. Hi col thanks for your post

    Have not done medical yet

    Am trying to join 70 sigs, i'm not sure which brigade

    hope this helps
  9. Well for me it went pretty fast. I rocked up there on a Tuesday got my paperwork. Next tuesday i was back with all the paperwork done and went of to my medical. A week and a half after my medical i was of for my rsw.

    The recruiting NCO's at my unit are pretty switched on and get things sorted pretty fast though so depends what your's are like.
  10. Ok Thanks Karl

    Hope mine arnt as switched on as yours lol
  11. I've been waiting for 6 weeks since I sent off my paper work and haven't heard a thing back yet. So who knows.
  12. Well if your joining the TA Royal Signals I don't think you really have to bother passing a PFT. Of course there maybe a couple of exceptions who have ago and maybe even pass, but that's mostly for charity and PR stuff!

    BW xx
  13. Join the RLC and your obesity will be celebrated rather than abused. You'll be working with like-minded individuals who think they are fitter than they really are and won't mind living in delusion.
  14. But you will of course need shocking red hair and a face full of Mycota.
  15. The TA Sigs are far more PT **** than you may think.