How long between medical questionaire and being contacted?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by w00dw0rm, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi, about a month ago, my doctor completed and sent off the medical questionaire. I was just wondering on average how long to wait before i can expect to get contacted. Cheers
  2. About to 4-6 weeks, but there is nothing wrong with you ringing them and finding out if they have been returned.
  3. I'm going to the doctors tommorow to get the medical forms sorted, so i cannot tell you exactly.

    I think on average it's around 4 weeks, but someone on here said he had a reply in 2. It can depend if they want more info or not as well.

    Just think about it in this way, you get more time to train before selection; that's how i'm looking at it anyway.
  4. I got a phone call from my AFCO 2 days after posting it saying i was medically suitable. Try ringing up and finding where it's got to, it may have got lost in the post.
  5. yh i got mine in about 2 weeks after sending it off , if there are any problems a letter will be sent to you asking you to remain behind if you are on AOSB
  6. I went to the doctor, got them to sign the form and took it back with me the day I went for my BARB test (which was about 5 days later).
  7. Surely you did your Barb before you got your Med Docs????

    Book your medical the day after your Barb, get them done and then hand them back toyour AFCO/ACIO
  8. Yeah, you do the BARB first then you do the medical docs.

    I went and booked an appointment at the doctors on the same day that i did the BARB. That was not last thursday but the thursday before. My appointment is tommorow! GPs make me sick. This knobber is going to get paid £92.50 to do this for me, and i get booked in 12 days later.
  9. Approximately 30,240 minutes

    But dont quote me on that one?
  10. I did my medical forms before my BARB.

    Is that strange?
  11. Suppose it doesnt matter much either way, at the very least you get to know you have a clean bill of health if you are dumb enough to fail the BARB.
  12. Very strange indeed yes Barb first and then Medical
  13. I've been waiting 5 weeks or so already now. It definatly must've got to them because my doctor said that he had received the money for it. I still havn't heard anything but i assume the Army careers office would let me know when they get it back? Waht should i do?
  14. I'll just add, I don't know if it varies on your medical history how long it takes, but i don't have a very lenngthy one, and as far as i am aware, nothing that renders me unfit for the army.

    I've never had anything wrong with me in the past really, and everything was the minor kinda things your mum takes you to the doctors for when you're little, the most recent thing that i went into hospital for and that was wen i was 13 i think, and i had twisted my one of my bollocks lol.

    The reason i really am getting slightly impatient is because i am out of work and education at the moment, im 17 and i am extremely bored. I cant find a job, and i want to get into the army more than anything, but i'll have to find something else to do if nothing has happened by september.

    How much longer should i wait before i should make enquiries?
  15. All depends on the selection centre your going too, Lichfield by far the worse. If you conatct your recruiter he should be able to tell you whether the forms have been received at selection centre. Once recieved by them it should take no longer than 5 days if everything is ok.