How long before you lose fitness

Basically i have picked up an overuse injury achilles tendonapothy, the physio said it is very mild and after 2 weeks no running i should be fine, this was caused by smashing the speedwork and hill reps prior to ADSC and PRAC.
My question is how long before i lose my running fitness, i do triathlons so am keeping up swimming and cycling but by the time i have recovered and got back into running i will only have 6 - 7 weeks till Catterick, i got 8:38 on PRAC a month ago and want to turn up with a better time than this, will i have lost alot of speed on my runs and if so is 7 weeks enough to get this back.
I'm sure you will be fine. If your doing cardio still you probably won't lose the fitness.

I got runners knee whatever it is around April and just getting back to normal recently, so I have lost a bit of running. But I kept up the cardio with cross training. If anything it has helped my run time.
Thanks for the reply lemon how much time did your 1.5 miler suffer by after taking time off running. Glad to hear you recovered from your injury.
Also depends on how old you are. Trust me, I know.
If it doesn't put any strain on your tendons get some resistance work (very high reps/low weight) into your legs with squats etc. Additionally get some work in on your abductors and hip flexors and take the opportunity to do some quality stretching, including your lower back - if you don't usually do that you may be pleasantly surprised when you go back. 2 weeks is nothing really, I've had similar lay-offs without any noticeable drop in performance - the cycling and swimming should be enough CV. Really take it easy when you get back to it and use ice immediately if there's any inflammation.
Thanks for the replys, it has put my mind at rest a bit, the physio is been over cautious but better safe than sorry, he had me running yesterday all be it on a treadmill and there was no pain, will 7 weeks be enough to improve on my speed work although only 4 weeks will be high intensity run training.
The weights sound good i have been keeping up circuit training but just body weight i might add some light weight as you say.


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I've been off running for a while now because of both ITB (recovering well) and pre-patella bursitis (I think that's what it's called) and, apart from a couple of short runs, 3 10k race and a 20 minute blitz in Rome last week, have done nothing since Feb/March. I've also been off weights due to another bursitis (which is really great. no, honestly), so I am turning into a desk-bound fatboy.

The only way I can go out running is to pop 400 mg brufen and then head out, but then I pay the price when I stop and the next day. Even the 30 minutes cycling I do to home and back every day has not stopped me putting on weight. It's helped keep a bit of fitness though (hence the 10ks) but I need to get back to the gym ASAP.
I have got the same Problem. havent done a thing in two months apart from rowing and resistance trainning. tried running today and my curf just stiffened up on me. bloody Archiles Tendon. i have to be in ADSC on Sept 2. NHS Physiotherapists appnt is in 3 weeks. am so mad i would have kicked my car if a wasnt afraid of injuring the other leg. people say it takes up to 12 month to fully heal. any suggestions for rehabilitation.
Hyena, sounds like yours is a chronic case, mine was very very early stages, make sure you go to your physio in 3 weeks and they can give you a rehabilitation program, i was lucky to catch the problem before it got too bad. I know that chronic cases can take 12 months to heal, the best exercise i was given was ecentric heel drops, you stand with half your foot on the edge of stairs or step and half off then raise up on tip toes then slowly lower as far as you can, you do this 1 foot at a time aim for 5 sets of 20 through out the day, i actually paid to go private so i didnt have to wait on NHS and get the problem sorted ASP, if you can afford it it is worth doing. They will also give you the pins which i think is called IMS this hurts like **** but is great for the healing process.
A good website full of great information is the Physio room, the more your find out the better for injury prevention and rehabilitaion, but listen to the physios they know their trade and give great advice. Until you see the physio remember RICE, rest, ice, compression, elevation.
Hope it all works out for you but dont turn up at ADSC until your Achilles is sorted, you will do it much more damage.
Good luck.
i got a dose of good old shin-splints and had to leave running for about a month, so i went on long bike rides and hit the sit-ups/press ups etc, once I was sorted I did my 1.5miler (usually 9.30ish) and knocked 10 seconds off! Turn the injury into a positive as it will allow you to concentrate on other areas that you might usually neglect. As they say; the stronger the core, the faster the run! all the best at catterick mate!

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