How Long Before We Invade Zimbabwe ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mussolini93, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. I'm not naive, they've got no oil, but the moral imperative must come into play eventually. Mugabe is demolishing the homes of his opponents, killing and torturing people and they are facing a famine. South Africa, France and the UK could attack from three sides and roll the place up in a fortnight. We could leave the Americans out of it so it gets done properly, without the collateral damage, torture chambers and the mission creep. A just war for a change. One the UN would support. Why have we got to wait for a Rwandan or Cambodian genocide ? Tanzania took out Idi Amin, a similar nutter. The precident has already been set.
  2. This would take conscience, something our 'leaders' are sadly lacking. Look at who runs the UK, France & South Africa - in an ideal world, definitely, but this lot are moral bankrupts. :evil:
  3. Would be nice but without a sea port we haven't got a chance. At the moment, Africa seem happy to turn a blind eye as they are probably too busy hiding for Bob Geldoff so they don't have to endure another of his sanctimonious rants. Without an African nation letting us use there port, we would never be able to get the troops let alone the supplies there. Also, without large African backing, we could not do it as the whole continent would scream "Imperialism". I say with-hold any debt relief until; they either getrid of Mad Bob or let us do it.

    I just shudder at the thought of trying to mount a serious Op without an SPOD. Imagine having to rely on the crabs for everything. Would be a disaster come the first weekend.
  4. I agree completely with DozyBint here and plus, George has to have some business interest for Tony to even pay attention to Zimbabwe.
  5. Mad Bob certainly needs to be dealt with but I don't think we are at the stage where we have to use a military solution just yet... Regardless of how careful we are any invasion would inevitably kill some civilians... There is always the chance that an invasion would go tits up, Iraq was supposed to be a walk in the park and look at how that turned out... why take the risk of an invasion just yet?... While there is certainly the potential for things to get a lot worse, in the world scale of evil dictactors he isn't the worst... 'only' about 140 people have been killed... obviously thats 140 too many but a military solution should always be the last resort...

    We already have smart sanctions on his regime... we should be forcing the surrounding countries to do likewise - by threatening to remove there aid etc... tell mbeki he is gonna have to end his policy of 'quiet diplomacy'...

  6. Is there any money to be made in Rhodesia, sorry, Zimbabwe?

    Oil??? No!!!? Well, that doesn´t let them "enjoy" being freed from an oppresor.....
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    About 1,000,000 years.
  8. Something will be done eventually. The asylum seekers aren't going to stop coming, and the government is under an increasing amount of pressure not to deport them (especially now the religious leaders have got involved).

    The only way that the stability of the economy can be assured is the the asylum seekers stop coming, and the only way that will happen is if the acclaimed threats on their lives are stopped.

    The question we should be asking ourselves is whether or not we would be bothering at all if the asylum seekers wern't pressuring us to act. In reality, britain is just reacting to pressure that is being forced upon it; when we do act, the main reason for doing so will be to stop the floods of asylum seekers coming into this country, with the overhaul of mugabe being an added "benefit"
  9. I can't see it happening. Too many African nations would oppose any action and, if led by the US/UK, any resolution would be vetoed for realpolitic reasons by Russia or the US. There are not enough troops to invade and there is the likelihood of an Iraqi style insurgency.
  10. Long range sniper? Tactical Warhead? Send over Maggies son with some money to do it?

    He does need to be removed, but until other African Nations can agree to that, I dont think we will be going in.

    What we need is a country that borders him to have "some problems" and ask the UK / UN for help in providing troops - That would then give us a base of operations, and allow us to move over the border without having to reply on the RAF all the time.....

    Would also help, if he had some oil that we needed to secure!!!!!
  11. Why doesn't someone arrange for Mr Mugabe to have a "heart attack" or other similar fatal episode that men of his age are prone to? I am sure that there would be a few other mad men to take over from him but it would make a few thousand people feel a whole lot better.
  12. There will be no move by any nation until South Africa says so. They support him mostly to detract from the fact that they are not so doing so well themselves and heaven forbid that a black leadership should prove to be more tyrannical and incompetent than the previous white colonial administration.
  13. M'Beki in South Africa seems determined to support Mugabe, many would argue that he is waiting to see how much Mugabe can get away with in terms of land reform etc. in the face of international opinion, before doing similiar. Having a totally nutty neighbour will also do plenty to direct attention from anything he does. There are hardliners in SA who are somewhat disappointed with the slow rate of change (Or buggering up) in SA, and they have M'Beki's ear.

    With SA supporting him, it is unlikely that any other Southern African nation will be prepared to allow us to stage into Zim, for fear of what pissing off the regional power too much. SA also holds a fair amount of sway at the various regional and continent-wide Organisations, which makes an official comdemnation of Mugabe unlikely.
  14. I couldn't agree with IdleAdjt and tricam more "getrid of Mad Bob" & "Mad Bob certainly needs to be dealt with" but do you recon we should let him finsh organising this live8 shite first?
  15. Having read about on the internet on this topic (there is more than porn out there who would have thought) M'Beki has got himself into a hole. His manifesto has been mostly based on the premise that Africa and anything African is great. This has lead to wide spread support. but has lead to the problem that he cannot then go and publicly criticise anything African.