How Long Before they Force the Crown off Cap Badges?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Aug 10, 2013.

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  1. This will get the juices flowing.....

    EU flag set to replace the royal crest on British birth certificates despite ministers' bid to block move | Mail Online

    Fat boy pickles in some pretty anti EU speak...........

    I wonder if Cameron has let him off the leash a bit......
  2. Quite like to have the crown om my driving licence instead of the eu ring of fairydust.
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  3. They could put Mr Blobby on my driving licence if I didn't suddenly have to pay £25 for the privilege of updating it with a new bloody photo. Crooks.
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  4. Whereas the Times's take on this is 'EU says "Eh? WTF is Pickles on about?" as Tubby Minister Makes Things Up'.

    The plan seems to be that you go along to your local registry office equivalent and say 'What, ho! Johnny Foreigner Registrar. Too many of you foreign chappies seem unable to recognise the little red thing on my birth certificate and think I must be from Bongobongoland. Ho! Ho! May I have a duplicate to this certificate which has the stars thing on to show that I am, indeed, someone who is a European?'

    Whereupon the registrar says 'Ja, of course, Mien Herr. I was unaware that UKIP's office here required new employees to show their birth certificate. That'll be 5 Euros, please.'
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  5. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I like the bit at the end of the article:

    Not mandatory
    Not a replacement
    They are Optional

    So all in all frothy outrage they are not forcing anyone to do anything.
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  6. We have a Harp and not aware of this changing.
  7. What! Are you implying that The Mail is spinning the story to stimulate its idiot readership? Anyone read what's in the small print at the bottom of the Mail story? A scintilla of the truth...
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  8. Yeah I don't want to have a symbol of an unelected aloof bunch of clowns on my Birth certificate I want a symbol of an anachronistic unelected aloof bunch of clowns on mine!
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  9. image.jpg

    It would look silly with an EU star on it.
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  10. Only about half of the cap badges have the crown on, including THEM.

    As to official documents, national symbols such as the royal crest here or the eagle in Germany should remain prominent with any EU symbol as a supplement.
  11. Oh my God, I can see the froth, I can see the froth!
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  12. So voluntary but we will f*** you about if do want to do any beaurocratic functions whilst in the EU if you don't have one.
    Another thin end of the wedge and I wonder when it will become compulsary? I think Brussells invented the expression 'mission creep'
    Another story is the requirement for MOT tests for caravans [and possible trailers] which would probably mean registering your towed bits with a seperate number plate as they do in most EU countries. More goverment jobsworth admin employees required no doubt.
  13. I heartily welcome any layers of bureaucracy that have the effect of making it harder to put a caravan on the road.
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  14. Bit of useless information, the Brian Boru harp of the Irish State faces the other way.

    Arthur was a west Brit who didn't want independance.
  15. Am I alone in thinking that since 1999 European member states have slowly spiraled down the shitter, including, to a lesser degree, non-EU members of the Schengen Area. Really, what did the ECSC resolve?