How long before the government realise that they mad a mistake in cutting forces?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ex-scalyback, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. With the forces being cut to the bone and demand ever increasing; how long until the u-turn that must surely happen? Discuss.
  2. Discuss?

    Few on here are able to 'discuss' the stupidity that this 'coalition' has imposed upon HM's Armed Forces.

    We, the poor bloody tax-payers will bear the fruit that Dave and his limp-wristed friends have visited upon us - beaten by Maddaffi's Army!!!

    As for how long before this so-called government realises the stupidities of their mistakes?

    How long before Dave comes back from the bankrupt Kingdom of Spain?

    This coalition, brave and innovative, as it was: and brave and sensible as Clegg is doomed by the repellent spectre of the abhorrent and ignorant twerp: Cable.

    Can any arrser, any arrser of any political persuasion, explain to me, without irrelevant abuse, what good is Cable to the nation?
  3. A lot of posters wanted a Tory govt. A lot of people have short memories or are too young to remember. I couldn't have voted labour again though.
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  4. ******* hell Scaley, you could at least wait until after the nurses have given Isquared his meds and put him to bed before you start stoking the fire! ;)
  5. Unless there's a Div worth of T-80 driving up Whitehall I wouldn't expect a U-turn. No-one really gives a crap about us unless their wife's about to receive the tender mercies of Ivan/Cheng/Hans/Pierre.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Why? We are a small European Nation-State, and we simply do not need, nor can we afford, a large standing army - far, far larger than is required to protect the UK and its few remaining outposts. With the money that Labour borrowed and then pissed against the wall needing to be paid back, we have to cut somewhere, and the Forces in their current size are a luxury we cannot afford.

    Repeat after me: we have no money.......

    But as for Vince Cable - agree totally, man is a waste of oxygen. However, the Government is a colaition, because not enough people voted for one party of the other, so that's what we have to live with. And if AV gets in, it's what we'll have for ever more. Elections, followed by weeks of secret deal-making. T
  7. Scaley, there will be no u-turn, there cannot be one, as it would be both political suicide and humiliating to do so. All these poor saps that were fooled by Cameron's "I love the military, and will look after you lads/lasses" are rueing the day now. I have a feeling though that we may well see some "back door" concessions, just as the MOD have seen this week with the treasury giving them a hand out (the generous bastards).

    If however you are thinking bigger, ie the Ark Royal, Nimrod/Harrier etc, forget it mate.
  8. A large standing army-it's the smallest it's been since the start of WW1. As for the fewer committments argument, we don't have the multitudes of colonial defence forces either. By all means cut the army etc but do it when we're not fighting and stop committing us to absurd operations.

    You want to save money-get us out of Afghanistan and stop the Libyan debacle
  9. The concessions are why i started this thread, current operational levels require more than a shoe string budget. As for not needing a large "standing army". I seem to remember a few occasions when the thinking was the same, WW1 and WW2. Undoubtedly in the future British forces will be committed to a larger war, maybe not at the moment but sometime in the future. In peacetime it might seem right to cut numbers, but this only furthers costs when numbers have to be increased.

    Looking to the future is not something that politicos do much.
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    My Bold. How do you work that out then? That's just nonsense on stilts, honestly.
    Keeping a professional, highly-trained standing Army is something that NO nation on Earth does without a good reason, becuase they are hideously expensive. Armies are generally cheaper than air forces and navies, mind you - but there is a defense justification for them, as we are an island. The chances of someone invading the UK are vanishingly small, and everyone accepts that.

    We have a "good reason" for a large army now - but as soon as we are out of current desert crapholes we will have no reason.
  11. I'm sorry Oldsnowy, I did not realise you have a crystal ball. Your argument that there is no reason to have a sizeable army is at best a little foolish. How much does it cost to procure new weapons uniforms refit brigades? I understand that its sizeable amounts, add training new soldiers. And any way you cut it it will be expensive, more so due to inflation.

    And are we not at this very moment in unpredictable circumstances? I for one would not have guessed at the current uproar in the middle east, same as I did not guess we would deploy to afghan or Iraq until a few months before. Prime example the FI, could we do that now? no way. If you have not noticed its not about protecting British interests, its about securing finite resources for the future. Nothing is set out in stone and for all anyone knows we could have another war to fight next year.

    Edit: I remember it being mentioned that Britain's (small) Professional army's of WW1 and 2 were all but annihilated on both occasions, which cost HM gov a pretty penny to put right (but hey, only took around 50 years). great money saving exercise right there.
  12. We need the money for immigrants and chavs. They're much more important than us scum.
  13. True, but that's pennies compared with the fortune gifted to the ******* in the City. That's why we're really broke, not because of Wayne, Waynetta and Abdul.
  14. Historically, Britain has always kept a very small standing professional army. Something to do with us being surrounded by water and segregated from the inferior races like the French I believe.
  15. And as Sadaam found out, and Gaddafy Duck is now learning, people like the RAF would be quite capable of turning said Divs worth of tanks into scrap as they came off the P&O ferry at Dover.
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