How long before I start?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by piesandchips54, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Iv got recruit selection on the 13th of Dec, my paper work seems to have taken FOREVER to process, possibly becasue Im a reinlistment as opposed to a fresh applicant. I applied at the end of June and its taken this long to get a place at selection. Im hoping that once its done I'lll be on a course asap! However Iv got a feeling that It wont be until next year that I get a place at pirbright! How long have you all had to wait between selection and phase 1?
  2. it all depends on the amount of intakes and your job choice, mine personally was 6 weeks some people have 3 weeks or some even 6 months so impossible to say really :)
  3. As he said, depends on the next intake date. Obviously it wont be untill 2009 if your selection is halfway through December.
  4. I started my application the start of april, took me till 1st september to go to selection. After i was deferred for a suspected heart murmur, and then subsequently cleared, its taken another 6 weeks till my new dates in the middle of this month.
  5. My selection dates were 27-28th August. I've now got a start date for 13th October (ATR Bassingbourn).
  6. I passed my selection on 17th September, my start date is 19th January, what you going in as?
  7. I had selection in August, but i need to wait for my second selection… Which wont be until November or so I am told.

    Takes so long :(
  8. i did my selection in february, had my second selection for the nursing corps in august and start on 20th of this month.

    Its a pain in the arrse but if you want it bad enough you will just be patient, use the time to get yourself fitter. yours shouldn't take aslong as mine did though so dont worry lol there are only 2 selections a year for the nursing corps thats why mine took so long

    Good luck though
  9. **** me im stupid, its not the 13th of december,its october. So its a week on monday. Im going REME vm, Id imagine theres plenty of courses for it. Last time I joined (RLC) it was only a week between selection and phase 1.Im dying to get before xmas becasue my current job sucks ass big time and I dont want to be there over christmas!
  10. Where you doing your selection?
  11. Long time since i have seen you geordie_g, nice to see the other things that were stopping you get a selection date were sorted out.
    The heart murmur was the thing i was worried about, once he had checked my heart and all that i was like phew!
  12. well theres your problem you are transfering from one corps to another. For some reason it takes a considerabletime to get cleared between corps desk offices in your case RLC to REME, If you think your frustrated by this think how your recruiters feel as they are at the coal face taking all the flack for these delays which are out of their hands. There is also a problem in that within the VM trade both phase 1 and phase 2 must link in so that you dont wait around betwen phases. Trying to get someone into training is a complicated buisness but if your dedicated you will wait as its worth it in the long run. On the other hand count yourself luckyfor some trades and even the AAC its a 9 month wait.

    Good luck and this time stick it you have seen the grass is not greener in civi street
  13. i did my selection on the 9th-10th sept but because my trade is "overscribed" for the year i now have to wait till april 2009! i'm thinking its going to be an army thing to rush to get u places and throught stuff just to wait :p (jokes) am looking forward to it! anyone else gotta wait?